by Andrew Strom.

The following article is largely based on a posting on our 'Prophetic' Email Discussion List.

The following vision by Rick Joyner is one that I believe is 
crucially important, and gives us real insight into some of the 
characteristics of the coming move of God.  In the vision he sees 
"Right-wing" extremists waiting in the wings to give the youth a 
'cause' to fight for, if the Christians are not quick to give 
them the true cause. One thing that is very important to grasp is 
that the coming Revival will clearly come in with a wave of 
"right-wing" sentiment that is already building steadily around 
the world, though it is still largely submerged. For the last
thirty years we have lived in an environment of "Leftish" dominance 
in the West (where feminism, political correctness, liberalism, 
sexual permissivness, etc, have held sway).

But this is about to change, and it is likely to change
violently, with extreme elements taking advantage of it if
the Christians fail to do so. What we are looking at is a kind-of
'sixties' revolution, but in the opposite direction  (ie. towards
conservative values rather than permissivness). The devil
is very aware of this, and he is an expert at using such
'revolutionary' swings of sentiment. This is how Hitler got
into power, after all. Left or right, it matters little to the
devil so long as he is in charge. He will happily ride a
fascist tide, just as easily as he will ride a permissive one.

But the coming 'philosophical revolution' in the West is
also a golden opportunity for Christians to seize the moment
and for God to move mightily around the world. Such
moments often come only once or twice in an entire
generation. If the Christians "seize the day" and use the
tide that is turning against permissivness and political
correctness to point to Jesus Christ and His Truth, then
there can be a great harvest (particularly amongst the
youth) around the world. But woe betide us if we miss
such a golden opportunity.

We live in a sin-sick world - rapidly tiring of sleaze
and violence, but not quite sure what coherent
alternative there might be. The tide has been turning for
some time, but the wave that is coming will be far
more violent than most people realize. Unless the
Christians channel and harness this wave, then a form
of right-wing extremism could well take hold in 
the West, particularly amongst the youth. We live
in truly dangerous times, and unless God can find
'men and women of valour' to stand up for His Truth
at this time, then we will deserve everything we get.

I have thought about all this a great deal over the last
few years, and I am convinced that this wave is not
far away. Already these sentiments are bubbling
everywhere just below the surface. (Just talk to a
few worldy people and you'll see how widespread 
these 'conservative' sentiments are). But as yet there 
is no coherent 'movement' to give voice to these 
sentiments in a down-to-earth way. The devil would
love to provide just such a movement at the right 
moment, if the Christians cannot. (He will point to 
reactionary politics as the answer, rather than Christ).

I believe God is giving us this challenge. And what
fools are we, if we let it pass us by. There has probably
never been a time when the old saying about "seizing
the day" has been more applicable to the Christian
church. But if we think "preachers in suits" are going
to reach the youth of this generation, then we must be 
out of our minds. Truly, great daring and boldness is
required. Tell me, friend, will you rise to the 
tremendous challenge that confronts us?
-Andrew Strom.
From the MorningStar Bulletin, Jan 96:-

A VISION FROM RICK JOYNER: I saw multitudes of young people, 
black and white together, marching and demonstrating. They 
all carried banners but there was nothing written on them. 
I then heard a voice from heaven saying, "Who will give them 
their cause?" I saw a long line of men and women waiting to 
speak to the crowd. They represented many different causes,
but to my shock most of them were Nazis. I then felt a 
gripping urgency to speak to this great crowd before they did.

INTERPRETATION: Before my conversion I went to many rock 
festivals and anti-war demonstrations. I had some political 
convictions, but they were mostly an excuse for going to the
party. I found the same to be true of most of the others who 
went. However, I was always amazed at how these people would 
become raging lions of courage during these demonstrations, 
suffering beatings or worse before they would retreat. This 
was the same radical resolve I saw on the young people in the 
vision. If the church does not rise up to give our youth a
cause, and one that requires radical commitment, another cause 
will write its name on their banners. The greatest threat this 
time will not be socialism or communism, but fascism. 

APPLICATION: The youth are going to be mobilized again, and 
they are waiting for a cause. They will respond to radical 
Christianity, but they will be repulsed by watered-down versions. 
If the church does not fill the increasing void in youth that 
demands a cause, they will turn to a power that will mobilize 
them for the most sinister reasons. I felt that my urgency to 
speak to this crowd was from the Lord. I felt inadequate, and 
did not know what I was going to say, but I knew that if I 
started speaking I would have their attention, and that I had 
a very real opportunity to win them over. We just need to start 
with what we have, with what we feel, and trust the Lord to give 
us the words and the strategy as we begin to minister to the 
youth. If we neglect the youth now, we will pay a very terrible 
price later. 
-From MorningStar web-site - http://www.eaglestar.org/



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