by Ron McKenzie.

{In December 1977, Ron McKenzie of Dunedin received the following prophecy. It was finally made public in July 1982 by David Pawson in Auckland, New Zealand. David had received his own word from God for New Zealand, concerning an economic crash that would precede a spiritual return to God, a Revival. He then prayed for confirmation, and received it in the form of this prophecy.}

    We are nearing a time of great spiritual battle. At
    present God is preparing a Commando Army which can
    fight and win under tough conditions with few
    resources. Then He will drop a bomb which will almost
    destroy the enemy army and will shatter the
    conventional forces in God's army.

    He will then send in the Commando Army which
    because of it's training has been unharmed by the
    bomb. It will defeat the shattered enemy army. It will
    treat the injured, and reorganise, re-equip and rejuvinate
    the shattered forces of God's conventional army. The result
    will be a mighty victory for God.
    The Commando Army is a small group in the church
    which God is calling into strict discipleship. They will
    reject the things of the world and live solely on what
    God provides. Their joy in poverty will be a witness to
    the world. They will be MIGHTY WARRIORS IN PRAYER. They
    will experience the POWER OF GOD, being able to minister
    to all people in all situations. Their sole motivation
    will be the love of Christ.

    When this Army is ready God will drop the bomb on
    New Zealand. It will be an economic depression on a
    scale which New Zealand has not seen before. It will
    make the depression of the 1930's look mild. God will
    shake the nation. It will have two effects.
    Firstly - it will shatter the church. The church has
    become a peacetime army unaware that an intense battle
    is raging. The people have been blinded by wealth and
    have become so satiated that they have sunk into
    apathy. They have taken a wordly attitude into the
    church and run it like a business, paying their fees and
    letting the minister do the work. They have become so
    wordly that they no longer provide a witness to the
    world. Under economic depression these people will be
    totally shattered. They found their security in wealth
    and now they will have none. They found their
    happiness in material goods and now they will have
    none. They run the church with money so it will grind
    to a halt. It will be a judgement on the church. The
    world forces will also be shattered. Satan has used the
    lure of money and material wealth to hold the people
    outside the church captive and the crash will mean that
    his hold is broken. Thus, we will have a situation where
    the church is ready for renewal and the nation is ready
    for revival.
    At this point God will send in His Commando Army.
    Because it's members have learned to live without the
    things of the world they will not be touched by the
    depression. They will minister to the church and preach
    to the nation. The people of the church will be
    shattered out of their complacency. They will see that
    their old lives lacked meaning and purpose. They will
    be looking desperately for something else which is
    meaningful and fulfilling and the lifestyle of God's
    special forces will be an attractive alternative. There
    will be a great renewal in the church, as people repent
    and turn back to God. Many will be ministered to and
    discover a wonderful new life in the Spirit through
    Christ. Thus God's glory will return to the church.
    At the same time the Commando Army will go throughout
    the nation preaching the gospel. The people will be
    looking for a new meaning to life and will be ready to
    receive the gospel. Thus as a result of a great move of
    the Spirit many people will be added to the church.
    The depression will not come for a short while. There
    are a number of reasons for this:
    1. God has only just begun to prepare His Commando
    Army. They still have a lot of training to do.
    2. These events will come when people are not
    expecting them. At the moment everyone is talking
    about depression. But things will improve, giving people
    a new hope, then just when the trouble appears to be
    past the crash will come.
    3. These events will be a judgement on both the church
    and the nation, and when God judges He always warns
    first. And before the crash can come, God must warn
    the church and the nation.
    Although these events are a little way away they are
    inevitable. At present God is calling up His Commando
    Army, but He is only calling for volunteers. Thus it is
    a time of decision. If we join it will be costly but it
    will save much heartbreak later. If we choose to join we
    must become WARRIORS OF GOD. We must become POWERFUL IN
    we must lay aside all the things of the world which would
    encumber us. We must learn to live solely for the LOVE OF
    GOD. It will be costly, but Oh.. how great is the prize...
                A Nation brought back to God..!