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Dave Stringer-Calvert,
Researching the Craddocks of Swaledale & Wensleydale in Yorkshire.  Also has a great deal of information on many other families of Redmire, Yorkshire.
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Sheldon Forbes Craddock,
Descendent of Joseph Craddock, born Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire and immigrated to USA 1827-28.

Barbara Stoker,
Researching the family of John Craddock of Studley, Warkwickshire.  John was born abt 1812 in the East Indies. See also, Chris House.

Chris House,
Also researching the family of John Craddock of Studley, Warwickshire, in conjunction with Barbara Stoker.

Susan Lafferty,
Interested in the Craddock families in USA

Jennifer Nielsen,
Researching the family of Aaron Craddock, born abt 1810, of Essex.

John Barlow,
Researching the family of Francis Henry Craddock whose daughter Annie was born 1884, and who lived in the region of Grantham in Lincolnshire.  Some of the family moved to Canada.

Carol Roach,
Researching the Craddock family who resided at St. Minver and St. Kew, Cornwall.
All descendants of Johannis Cradocke born circa 1620.
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