Coats of Arms

Arms and crest

Craddock Families Bearing Arms

(for a description of terms, see below)

Cradock, of Hartforth, Yorkshire -  Argent, on a chevron azure three garbs Or.
(Or in English - White shield with a blue chevron, with three gold sheaves of wheat).
Crest - A bear's head proper muzzled gules.
Motto - Nec temere nec timide.

Cradock of Woodhouse, Leicestershire - same Arms and Crest as Hartforth.

Cradock of Quorn Court, Leicestershire -  same Arms and Crest as Hartforth.
Motto - Nec temere nec timide.

Cradock of Somerset and Wiltshire - Argent, on a chevron azure, three garbs or.
Crest - A bear's head erased sable, bilettee and muzzled or.

Cradock, or Caradoc, of Baron Howden, extinct 1874 - Argent, on a chevron azure between three boars head proper, as many garbs or.
Crest -A man in a coat of mail with an antique crown of three points or, kneeling on one knee presenting a sword proper intended for the representation of Caradoc, the Caratacus of the Romans.
Motto - Traditus non victus.

Craddock of Staffordshire -  Argent, on a fesse azure, three garbs or.

Cradock, or Craddock, of Wales - Azure three boars' heads couped in fesse between as many crosses crosslet or.
Crest - A horse passant sable

Cradock of Markfield, Leicestershire - Azure, three boars' heads cabossed, between nine cross crosslets Argent.
Crest - The boar's head, sword, and gauntlet.
Motto - He Kymero

Cradock of Oxford - Argent three boars' heads erect and erased sable.

Description of heraldic terms

Argent - silver or white
Or       - gold or yellow
Azure  - blue
Gules  - red
Sable  - black
Garb - sheave of wheat
Fesse - a horizontal band across the middle of the shield
Chevron - a band shaped like an inverted V

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