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Biographical Information

My name is Robert and I have been married to Betty for  forty six fabulous years and we have been blessed with twelve additions to our family during that time. All three of our originals have married and we now have six grandchildren.
Farmer, Boilermaker/Welder, Construction Worker, Builder, Industrial Chaplain, Organist have been some of my jobs that have helped to supply our material needs over the years. I am now organist for the local FUNERAL DIRECTOR
 MARANATHA REST HOME here in Mosgiel, where Betty worked and I helped with driving and music prior to  her retirement
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Current Chatter

                    Spring is in the air here. The frosts are becoming less frequent.
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Personal Interests

Bible - in - Schools.
I am teaching  seven classes in three  primary schools  this year.  Silverstream. Ballaclava. Lee Stream.  Check them out below.





Computers and the Internet.
After trying to keep away from them for a number of years, it seems I now have succumbed to this electronic gadgetry that is the key tool in the communications explosion. 

PICOPHONE  Small,  reliable voice chat

PEGASUS MAIL If you really want to be in control of your email then try this excellent 'locally grown' program.

FOX MAIL A very easy to use and friendly little email client.

VOIPBUSTER     Would you like a good phone program? Check this one out..


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Grandma Betty and Grandpa Robert

One plus one equals nine - with some extra help!

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Hot List - some of my site recommendations.

Christian Authority. Dr John MacArthur
Bible exposition at its very best.
 Answers in Genesis     Modern research asks the evolutionists the tough questions.
God loved the people of this world so much that He gave His only Son, that everyone who has faith in Him will have eternal life and never really die."
John 3:16 (CEV)
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Contact Information

Electronic mail address:     


Web address:    http://www.rahamill.com

Mobile phone:
021 2949 854
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Music.   One of my contributions.

                    THE TIME OF THE END
My people  will return, I'll bring them back one day,
My people will return, from distant lands away,
Unto the land I gave, to Abraham,  my friend
They will return , they will return,
At the time of the end.

2.  He came one day to earth,
This man who did such good
He spoke and did the things no other ever could,
But He was nailed in shame upon a cross of wood,
He died in pain,  breathing out love,
At the time of his death.

3.  He is alive again, the amazing news went round,
They saw Him here and there, the stories did abound.
They  saw and touched Him where
Those mortal wounds were found,
He'd paid for sin, defeated death, and was living again.

4.  He will return one day, towards the end of time
He will return one day, the judge of every crime
His people will believe, Messiah they will see,
He is the Lord,  He is the King
At the time of the end.

Copyrightę2006Robert A. Hamill

If you would like a copy of  the music I could email to you, just write.


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