W.D. Ganns original May Soybean chart decoded

Below are two scans of W.D.Ganns May Soybean chart 1947 - 1948.
The second and unmarked chart is large (and slow loading) so that you can examine all the markings in fine detail,
Chart one has all of Ganns notations highlighted with reference to the following key.

Key to Chart One.
(1)Top left is the astrological symbol for the planet Jupiter just at the beginning of a Jupiter
trend line He started this trend line on the 4th of October 1948 when Jupiter was at 22 degrees
Sagittarius. 22 degrees Sagittarius is also 262 degrees of the 360 degree circle.Ganns first price
marking  was at 262 cents and then he started moving his trendline up by 1 cent every time Jupiter
moved by 1 degree.
(2) is a line drawn along at 270 cents marking the price/degree where Jupiter would change signs from
Sagittarius to Capricorn.A planet changing signs of the zodiac is known as ingress  and this chart
shows several planets ingress but he only marked Jupiters  in this way.
(3)Uranus and then
(4) Venus and Mars ingress within one day of each other.He
put a little cross on the day of the Mars crossing.
Each zodiac sign is 30 degrees of the circle. (360 degrees divided by 12 signs = 30 degrees)
(5) Gann marked 270 price for Jupiters ingress and then marked 15 cents below this  as well 30 cents lower
(6) all potential price targets.
(7) trend line is created by the movement of the planet Mars  Mars moves faster than Jupiter
and this is reflected in the steeper slope of the Mars trend line.
(8) Soybeans last touch on the Jupiter trend line.
(9) is a little arrow pointing down when the moons nodes changed to 29 degrees of a new
sign.This is like a planetary ingress because the moons nodes run counter clockwise.