THE TIDDLERS:
 Scale Name. Usage.  Gauge.  Proportion.  Ratio.       Comments.
  HH(O).     USA.     5/16in  1.75mm:1ft. 1:174.  NMRA standard c1948.
  QOO.       USA.     0.3in   1/16in:1ft. 1:192.

* Z.         Europe.  6.5mm.   -          1:220.  Marklin.
* Z.         US.NMRA. 0.257in.0.055":1ft. 1:220.  } NMRA S-1 standard.
                      (6.52mm)(1.39mm)            }   quoted metric equivalent.

  TTT.       USA.     0.236in.1/20in:1ft. 1:240.  NMRA proposed Std. c1948.

   -          -        -                  1:300   Military, ship modelling.
  (X).       British. 3/16in  1mm:1ft.    1:304.8 1935 R.Walkley.

  HZ.        German.  3.25mm.  -          1:440.  Railex. Nuernburg 1992 on.
              The smallest commercially available models.

  Un-named.  British. 1/8in   .025in:1ft  1:480.      1970's.
              The smallest internally powered operating models :-)

    Are there any more?

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