THE TABLE TOPS:
 Scale Name. Usage.   Gauge.  Proportion. Ratio.       Comments.
  E.         USA.     19/32in 1/8in:1ft.  1:96.
  QO.        USA.     0.6in.  1/8in:1ft.  1:96.
  OOC.       Europe.  14.3mm.  -          1:100.  Cent.
                           This was an attempt to establish a logical scale.

  TT3.       Britain. 12mm.   3mm:1ft.    1:101.6 Tri-ang.1950s-60s
  TTX.       Britain. 12mm.   1/9in:1ft.  1:108.   } attempts to improve the
  TM.        Britain. 13.5mm. 3mm:1ft.    1:101.6  }   scale/gauge ratio.
* Scale 3.   Britain. 14.2mm  3mm:1ft.    1:101.6 British TT standard.

  TT.        USA.     12mm.   1/10in:1ft. 1:120.  H.P. Products. Table Top.
  TT.        US.NMRA. 0.471". 0.100":1ft. 1:120.  } NMRA S-1 standard.
                      (12.0mm)(2.54mm)            }   quoted metric equivalent.

* TT.        Europe.  12mm.    -          1:120.  Popular in Eastern Europe.
  120th.     NZ.      9mm.    1/10in:1ft. 1:120.  NZR. 3'6in gauge.
  TTm        Europe.  9mm.     -          1:120.  Metre gauge.
  TTf        Europe.  5mm.     -          1:120.  600mm gauge. (Kehi, D.)

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