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Christchurch, New Zealand, Time and Date. 'Tana the cat.u/d 21/3/1999.

Welcome to my home page!

Attached to this page are further pages relating to subjects of interest to me, and perhaps to you also, which I am happy to share with the world.
They are mostly model railways or railways, New Zealand and European but other subjects do appear. (even the catsshow up! )u/d 22/12

The pages are written for information rather than to impress you with my web page skill. Illustrations are normally included which might take the download size to as much as 80Kb per page. If you don't have a fast computer, turn off the image download and view the text. You can then load the images that interest you later.

GUEST-BOOK. Guest-book for your comments:

PROMODEL. The label applied to my occasional range of model products.(under revision while I work on the best method of presentation)

South Island of New Zealand Railways development, from a magazine article published in 1935.

NZR Gallery of photographs of New Zealand railway subjects.

DCC Review is a review of the various Digital command control systems and their capabilities. The aim in writing the review was to share my experiences in setting up various systems and to help potential users decide what kind of control system they needed.

The article is on John Oxlade's German Railways Web site, which contains over 700 pages of information and over 1000 images. I thoroughly recommend this site to enthusiasts of German and American railways, model and prototype.

Maerklin in the 1960's, or "Buying my first train", a personal story. 12/12/1997.

LAYOUT DESIGN LIST: Some pointers for those modellers about to start designing a new layout.



GERMAN RAILWAY HISTORYThis is a listing of important or interesting dates of German Railway history.

Rail Speed Records:A listing of rail speed records, with a bias towards Germany.

DRG Locomotive numbering.steam data lists.

Königlich Württembergischen Staatseisenbahnen; rolling-stock data. u/d 10/3/1998.


LIMA "G" Motor Locomotives, simple upgrade. u/d 4/3/1998.

Pwg Pr14. Goods train parcels wagons from Fleischmann, Piko and Märklin.

Om21.Open wagons from Roco, Piko, Trix etc. (and Märklin)

Model Manufacturer Listings: Index of Epoche I & II prducts. u/d pages 3/3/1998.NÜRNBERG - 1998.

TRI-ANG New Zealand. A scanned copy of a 1960s Catalogue. 91 Kb!!! u/d 2/3/98.


LILIPUT HISTORY. From 1947 to 1991.

TRIX TWIN and TRIX EXPRESS A potted history of these famous makers. u/d 2/3/98.

The DEVELOPMENT of MODEL RAILWAY SCALES and GAUGES: The article and listing is home!

Scale Conversion Software. (DOS) (Introduction page to come)

Transition Curve Designer Software. (DOS) (To come shortly)

Locomotive Chassis Design Software. (DOS) (To come shortly)

Die SHUKERBAHN: Details of my second layout. 10/12/1997.

I would recommend Tobias Frydman's Landerbahn Forum relating to German railways pre 1920. 

There will be more content to come, so do return, and do tell me what you think so far:

The items listed as: (To come shortly) are written but still require formatting.

I do not view these pages as final, as I expect further information to come to light once they are available to read.

Avon riverbank.
The Avon riverbank opposite our home at the end of August. 

Your comments: E-mail me:

The background locomotive is a Königlich Württembergischen Staatseisenbahn. Klasse E of 1892. 



New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society Inc.

Weka Pass Railway preservation group.

Taieri Gorge Railway Ltd. Dunedin.

Canterbury Railway Society. Ferrymead, Chch.

Otago Railway & Locomotive Society & Ocean Beach Railway.

Peter McGavin's Site, Lots of New Zealand content.


Wheelchair bound Uwe "Bahnrolli", his layout, trains and "City of Wolfe" Disabled organisation.

New Zealand Model Rail Society.

Nelson Society of Modellers Inc.

Tried and True TrainsA site you must visit if you are into DCC or Large Scale products. (U.S.A.)

E.T.S. Eisenbahn -Treffpunkt Schweickhardt GmbH. Modelleisenbahn.Reliable model-shop in Stuttgart, Germany.

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