Schnellzug/Express locomotives:

    01.001-010.   2'C 1'h2  19.7T axle load. 10x locos built 1925-26.
                         5.8m boilertube length. 850mm dia. front bogie wheels.
                         Drivers 2000mm.120Km/hr.
                         Witte smoke deflectors fitted 1952 on.

    01.012-076.   2'C 1'h2  19.7 T axle load. 65x locos built 1927-29.
                         5.8m boilertube length. 850mm dia. front bogie wheels.
                         Drivers 2000mm.120Km/hr.

    01.077-101.   2'C 1'h2  19.7 T axle load. 25x locos built 1930-31.
                         6.8m boilertube length. 850mm dia. front bogie wheels.
                         Drivers 2000mm.120Km/hr.

    01.102-149.   2'C 1'h2  20.1 T axle load. 48x locos built 1934-35.
                         1000mm dia. front bogie wheels.
                         Drivers 2000mm.130/140Km/hr.

    01.150-232.   2'C 1'h2  19.9 T axle load. 83x locos built 1935-37.
                         Drivers 2000mm.130/140Km/hr.
                         Withdrawn: D.B. 1974.  D.R. 1975.
     01.011+                            D.R.G.10x locos 1937-42 ex 02.001-010.
      01.233-241.        Withdrawn 1968.

    Post war distribution:
    C.Nr.001.              D.B.               165x +6x damaged.
                           D.R.                65x +5x damaged.

     01.various.   D.B.  5x locos 1950-1 new boilers of more efficient design.
     01.501-535.   D.R.  35x locos  1958-61 on rebuilt with new boilers,
                         skyline-casing and some with Boxpok drivers.
     01.various.   D.B.  50x locos 1962 on with welded boilers. Withdrawn 1974.
                   D.B.  Witte (elefant ears) smoke deflectors fitted 1952 on.

    01.1001+      2'C 1'h3  20.2 T ax l. 55x locos built 1939-40. (250x ordered)
     01.1052-1105.       Streamlined casings fitted as built, removed 1945-52.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 140Km/hr.
    Comp. 011.coal D.B.  54x locos survived W.W.II. all in West G. 34x rebuilt
    Comp. 012.oil        from 1953 with welded boilers. Some with oil-firing.
                         Withdrawn 1974.

    02.001-010.   2'C 1'h4v 20.1T axle load. 10x locos built 1925-26 for
                         comparison with 01 Class 2 cylinder locos.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 130Km/hr.
                   D.R.G. All 10x as 2 cyl. simple locos 1940. 01.011+01233-241.

BR 02.003 illustration.BR 02.003 as built.

    02.101-102.   2'C 1'h4v renumbered from 04.001-002.
                         Withdrawn 1939.

    H02.1001.     2'C 1'h4v 1x experimental high pressure loco built 1930 on the
                         frame intended for 01.011.
                         Schwartzkopff-Loeffler-Hochdrucklok system
                         120 atmosphere pressure boiler.
                         Withdrawn quite quickly.
                         Drivers 2000mm.

    03.001-122.   2'C 1'h2  17.7 T axle load. 122x locos built 1930-33.
                         850mm dia.front bogie wheels. Lighter version of BR01.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 120Km/hr.

    03.123-162.   2'C 1'h2  18.1 T axle load. 40x locos built 1933-34.
                         850mm dia.front bogie wheels.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 120Km/hr.
     03.154.             Experimental part streamlining.

    03.163-298.   2'C 1'h2  18.1 T axle load. 136x locos built 1935-38.
                         1000mm dia.front bogie wheels.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 130Km/hr.
     03.175.             Lentz valve-gear.
     03.193.             Streamlining.
     03.194.             Double blast-pipe and chimney.
                         03.174 withdrawn 1939.

    Post war distribution:
    Comp. 003.             D.B.               154x Withdrawn 1968.
                           D.R.                86x Withdrawn 1975.
                           O.B.B.               1x 03.113.
                           P.K.P.               ?x

     03.002-298.   D.R.     18.9 T axle load. New boilers fitted to 52x locos
                         in  1960.
                         Withdrawn 1969-75.

    03.1001-1022. 2'C 1'h3  17.7 T axle load. 60x locos  built  1939-41  with
    03.1043-1060.        streamlined casing. 140x locos were ordered but due
    03.1073-1092.        to the war, not all were built.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 140Km/hr.

    Post war distribution:
                           D.B.                26x
                           D.R.                21x Withdrawn 1961.
                           P.K.P.              10x

     03.1001-1086. D.B.  all 26x locos were fitted with welded boilers and
    Comp. 003.           without streamlining 1957-61.
     03.1010-1090. D.R.  16x locos  were  rebuilt  with  welded  boilers  and
                         without  streamlining.

    04.001-002.   2'C 1'h4v 18.8 T axle load. 2x locos built 1932. High pressure
                         boiler (25Kp against 16Kp standard).
                         Drivers 2000mm. 130Km/hr.
                           Both locos had boilers reduced to 20Kp and in 1935
                         they were renumbered 02.101-102. the boiler of 02.102
                         failed 3.4.39. Both were then withdrawn.

    (04.015.0)     D.R.  Rebuild of 19.015.

    05.001-002.   2'C 2'h3  19.4T axle load. 2x locos built 1935 with
                         streamlined casing. No.05.002 captured the world speed
                         record of 200.4 km/hr. on 11.4.1936 on level track
                         with a full train. (197 Tonnes Equivilent to 3400 PSi)
                         Drivers 2300mm. 175Km/hr.

    05.003.       2'C 2'h3  19.6 T axle load. 1x loco built 1937 of cab forward
                         design  using  pulverised  coal  firing.  Unsuccessful
                         design rebuilt to conventional layout in 1944.18.6T al
                         Drivers 2300mm. 175Km/hr. Withdrawn 1958.

                  D.B.  In 1951 05.001 & 05.002 were rebuilt as conventional
                         nonstreamlined locos.
                         Withdrawn 1958. 50.001. ran in 1963. Hamm-Nurnberg m.
                         All 3 ran in the 50's with 16Kp rather than 20Kp.b.p.

    06.001-002.   2'D 2'h3  20.0T   axle  load.  2x  locos  built  1936  with
                         streamlining. Withdrawn in 1951.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 140Km/hr.

    07.1001.      2'C 1'h4v Nord Pacific taken to East Germany during W.W.II.
                         Fitted with experimental stoker, 1952.
                         Withdrawn 1958.

    08.1001.      2'D 1'h4v EST Mountain taken to East Germany during W.W.II.
                         Fitted with experimental stoker, 1952.
                         Withdrawn 1958.

    09.10.         1'Co+Co 1' Projected individual axle drive, streamlined
                         express loco.

    10.001-002.   2'C 1'h3  21.9T axle load. 2x locos built 1957 by the D.B.
    Comp. 010.           With partial streamlining. One with coal firing, one
                         with oil firing for cmparison. Intended to become
                         the   standard   D.B.  express  design.   The  V200
                         diesel-hydraulic  design  was  adopted  instead.
                         Drivers 2000mm. 140Km/hr. Withdrawn 1967-68.

    T18.1001.     2'C 1' Turbine loco built 1924 by Krupp.
                         Bomb damaged 1940. Not repaired.

    T18.1002.     2'C 1' Turbine loco built 1926 by Maffei.
                         Bomb damaged 1943. Boiler fitted to BR52 frame.
                         Ran in Munchen area until 1961.

    18.201.       2'C 1'h3  D.R. 1960  rebuild  of BR61.002  as  a  Brake
                         locomotive  for  testing  high  speed  diesels  and
                         electrics  to  175 Km/hr.

    19.1001.      1'Do 1'h8v 18.6T axle load. Streamlined individual axle drive
                         experimental express loco built 1940. The boiler which
                         was of the same type as 03.1 was faulty but was not
                         repaired due to wartime conditions.
                         Removed to USA in 1945 but never tested.Dismantled 1950
                         Drivers 1250mm. 175Km/hr.

                                Computer Renumbering:

         DRG/DB/DR Number.        D.B. Computer number.   D.R Computer number.

         01.                           001.               01.2
         01.5.                                            01.1
         01.10.                        011.
         01.10 oilfired.               012.
         03.                           003.               03.2
         03.10.                                           03.0
         03.10.                                           03.1

         18.2 (62 rebuild)                                02.0201
         18.3                                             02.0314
         18.3-5.      Bay. S3/6.       018.
         19.015.                                          04.015.0
         19.022.                                          04.022.x

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