Guest Starring
Daniel Benzali as Admiral Theodore Pryce Admiral Pryce is the Diplomat equivalent of Admiral Nechayev from The Next Generation. He's the Admiral in charge of the U.S.S. Diplomat's area of operation, and is therefore a semi-regular, often popping up to give the crew their mission. Daniel Benzali is the only choice for this role - I'm a huge fan of his work on Murder One and desperately wanted to include him somehow. It's in authority roles like this that he absolutely shines.

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Victor Garber as Commander Martin Ballard
(Picure Unfinished)
Though the name Victor Garber probably won't ring a bell much, the face might - he played Master Shipbuilder Thomas Andrews in Titanic (a film some of you may have heard of...). Victor put in an outstanding performance, and it was in the moments where he was reflective that I saw the qualities that Commander Ballard needs in order to be a sympathetic character - qualities that Victor is so wonderful at portraying.

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Demi Moore as Ten Lanier
(Picure Unfinished)
When it came to casting Lanier, the choice was really pretty obvious. Tem Lanier is a tough character, and Demi Moore is renown for being a tough actor - just look at G.I. Jane (which, conveniently gave me a good starting picture from which to turn her into a Bolian). Demi has done some great work - A Few Good Men and the voice of Esmeralda in Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame to name a couple - and she's always had a wonderful strength of self, not only in her characters, but in real life too, which made her perfect for the role.

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Tony Slattery as Rhys Archer
(Picure Unfinished)
The role of Captain Archer's younger brother was not easy to cast. I really wanted someone who would fit the role and be believable as Sam Neill's sibling. For a long time, I couldn't figure out who to cast, before it finally hit me. Tony Slattery, best known for his work on Whose line Is It Anyway? really suits the role well, and Tony is not a stranger to dramatic parts - he had a very small role in The Crying Game, but has held the leading man spot for a number of other shows. While they have tended to be romantic-comedy type roles, I have every faith that Tony could easily pull off Rhys Archer with little difficulty.

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