Name: Kiddie, Stephanie Caroline
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Diplomat
Species: Human/ Borg (Cy Subspecies - Partially Assimilated)
Born: 2342
Birthplace: Langley, Virginia, North America, Earth
Height: 5’ 3"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown (right) Red (left)
Marital Status: Never Married

Previous Assignments: U.S.S. Kurtz, U.S.S. Naylor, U.S.S. Paur

Personal History
Stephanie Caroline Kiddie was born in Langley, Virginia on Earth in 2342. The youngest daughter of Dr.’s Madelyn (mother) and Nicholas (father) Kiddie, Stephanie has been around doctors all her life. Both her siblings, brother Austin and sister Marisa, would also become doctors.

Even from a young age, Stephanie showed an interest and fascination with medicine, often accompanying her parents to work or to medical symposiums. It surprised no one when she announced that she would become a doctor, but her family was surprised that she should choose to do so through Starfleet. She had decided that rather than the research or general practice work that the rest of her family pursued, she wanted to be able to apply her skills where they would be most useful and the problems most challenging.

Stephanie applied and was accepted to enter Starfleet Medical in 2359. Scoring consistently high in her exams and assignments throughout her course, Stephanie was brought to the attention of then-Head of Starfleet medical, Dr. Kelvan Maghuo. He offered her the chance to work on a special project with him. She agreed, and the two commenced an intense study into the possibility of curing Haslyon syndrome in 2363. It was only as they neared the end of the project that she discovered that Dr. Maghuo was himself suffering from Haslyon syndrome and was in the final stages of the disease. Their work provided the basis for a vaccine, but Dr. Maghuo died in early 2364 before subject tests could be completed. Stephanie graduated Starfleet Medical in 2367 at the top of her class, with a special commendation for her project with the late Dr. Maghuo.

Stephanie had her pick of assignments, but declined any special treatment, and so was assigned to the U.S.S. Kurtz, a Korolev-class ship, as deputy head of Medical. While there, she continued to expand her working knowledge of many races physiology, and published several papers on comparative anatomy of alpha quadrant species, which has been chosen by Starfleet Medical as an introductory text for first year students.

In 2368, Stephanie transferred to the U.S.S. Naylor, a Hokule’a-class vessel, to take over the medical research department. However, Stephanie found the work less than challenging, and so requested a transfer in 2369. She was assigned to the U.S.S. Paur, a New Orleans-class ship, again as deputy head of the Medical department, this time with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She served there until 2371, when she was reassigned to serve as Chief Medical Officer aboard the refit Galaxy-class U.S.S. Diplomat.

On her first mission with the ship, Stephanie was abducted by a splinter group of Borg who called themselves the Cy. The Cy intended to assimilate her into their collective to service their limited number as a bio-technician – their abrupt disconnection from the main Borg Collective had left them unable to properly manage all the necessary functions for their continued survival. Seeing a need to keep the current units function at peak capacity, they planned to have her tend to them and spread her knowledge and experience throughout the collective. This would give them enough time to complete their search for an individual or species who, once assimilated, could provide the necessary skills to ensure the stability and continued existence of the Cy Collective. However, Captain Quinn Archer and Lieutenant Commander Alson Jalennen rescued Stephanie before she could be completely assimilated.

Though she was not totally assimilated by the Cy, Stephanie could access their Collective and information banks, adding their experience with millions of alien species to her own. The Cy implanted her with an optical sensor, capable of a number of medical scans – including x-ray, MRI and thermograph among many others – along with a forearm panel that mimics the functions of a medical tricorder. Her muscles and neural pathways were also enhanced, giving her superior strength and reflexes. However, the destruction of the Cy collective caused significant neural shock, the effects of which have been seen to be a loss of subtler emotions and some emotional connection to memories up to that point. The exact nature of her injuries have yet to be determined, but she continues on as CMO of the U.S.S. Diplomat, having satisfied Starfleet and Starfleet Medical that she poses no risk to her patients. She has also begun an ongoing course of therapy in the hopes of undoing the neural damage done and regaining her emotions and emotional connections.

Casting Notes

Dr. Kiddie was by far the hardest character to cast. Trying to find someone who could fulfill the role was incredibly hard. It wasn’t until almost everyone else was cast that I realized I’d be overlooking the perfect candidate. Lea Thompson, best known for her work on the Back To The Future series and Caroline In The City, was finally cast as Stephanie. I wanted someone who brims over with caring, the perfect person to be a doctor, and Lea has that quality. She also has the range needed to be able to play the tragic side of the character, and Lea can do that wonderfully.

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