Name: Kris, Kaeeri
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Operations Manager, U.S.S. Diplomat
Species: Bajoran
Born: 2342
Birthplace: Vekden Containment Camp, Tareeni Province, Bajor
Height: 6’ 1"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Marital Status: Never Married

Previous Assignments: U.S.S. Ranger, U.S.S. Goldsmith

Personal History
Kaeeri Kris was born in 2342, the only son of Kaeeri Pris (mother), inside the Vekden Containment Camp in Tareeni Province on Bajor during the Cardassian occupation. The circumstances of his conception and birth are somewhat bizarre. During their detention in the camp, Kaeeri Pris and her lover, Leron Cal, were separated, and Leron taken away with a group of other male Bajorans. The group was surgically altered by Gul Ducet, well known for his experiments on imprisoned Bajorans, to resemble humans, brainwashed, and then dressed in Starfleet uniforms. These surgically altered Bajorans were then commanded to attack the prisoners inside the camp, in the hopes of discrediting the Federation in the eyes of Bajorans. Ironically, in the rampage of the brainwashed Bajorans, Leron came face to face with Kaeeri Pris, who recognized him, despite the surgery. While the other brainwashed Bajorans killed and raped prisoners, Pris challenged Leron, and temporarily broke the brainwashing – it was during this time that Kaeeri was conceived. The ‘Federation attack’ was soon quelled by arriving Cardassian forces (they had been there all along), and most of the brainwashed Bajorans killed – a few escaped and managed to get off Bajor, though the still thought themselves to be human and Starfleet officers.

Kaeeri was born and spent most of his childhood in the camp, along with his two older sisters, Tass and Leene (they had both been born prior to their internment in the camp). Kris’ mother, while having links to the Resistance, had decided against trying to escape until her children were of sufficient age to be able to care for themselves should anything happen to her during an escape attempt. It was in 2351 that the Kaeeri family made their escape from the camp, but at a high price. During the escape, Kris and his sisters became separated from their mother, and were intercepted by a group of Cardasian guards. Young Kris was forced to watch while the Cardassians raped and then murdered both his sisters. Kris was then placed into a transport to be sent back to the camp – the same transport that a group of resistance fighters from the Dethnem Resistance Cell were on. While in transit, the resistance fighters broke free, and managed to escape, taking Kris with them. Shortly after, Kris was reunited with his mother.

The pair managed to flee Bajor and headed for Federation space. Once the Federation granted them asylum, Kris and his mother settled on the colony world of Cinti III, near the Cardassian border. Pris continued to assist the Bajoran resistance from her new home, and it was doing so that she was mortally wounded by an undercover Cardassian agent in late 2357. On her deathbed, she revealed the whole story of Kris’ conception, and Kris swore revenge, though his mother tried to convince him to let the past go.

Following his mother’s death, Kris tracked down the surviving brainwashed and surgically altered Bajorans, in the hopes of gaining revenge upon them. It was during these investigations that he came across Leron Cal, still believing he was a human. Kris confronted him with the truth, and the two worked together to find Gul Ducet. Having infiltrated Cardassian space, the two found Ducet and confronted him – in the firefight that ensued, both Ducet and Leron were killed.

Finding himself alone, Kris eventually decided to join Starfleet in 2359, seeing it as an opportunity to fight the Cardassians on an even footing. He was accepted into the Academy and son found out that Starfleet was much more than he had anticipated. His attitude began to change, especially after being confronted by his training squad about his prejudices, and Kris soon began to fit in and enjoy his studies. He graduated in 2363, and was assigned to the U.S.S. Ranger, a Niagara-class ship.

Though his attitude still left something to be desired, Kris distinguished himself in his work, earning several commendations during his tenure on the Ranger, and a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2365.

In 2367, Kaeeri was transferred to the Zodiac-class U.S.S. Goldsmith, and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. While there, Kris often served on the bridge as stand-in for the Operations Manager, and led to his being appointed Deputy Operations Manager. Kaeeri responded well to the position, and served there for a further four years, until his assignment to the refit U.S.S. Diplomat, with a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Casting Notes

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I love Murder One. J. C. MacKenzie really distinguished himself over the series, and he sprang to mind when it came to casting Kaeeri. J.C. can project a wonderful confidence, and yet at the same time play up the character’s weaknesses, something that’s really at the crux of Kaeeri’s character. Plus, J.C. looks good as a Bajoran!

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