Name: Jalennen, Alsonayn Pisa
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Second Officer, Science Officer, U.S.S. Diplomat
Species: Orion
Born: 2343
Birthplace: Parane, Esthem, Orion
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Marital Status: Never Married

Previous Assignments: Marcus Research Station, U.S.S Blain, U.S.S. Bruckheimer

Personal History
Alsonayn Jalennen was born in Parane, Esthem, on Orion. The daughter and only child of Lison Jalennen (mother), a secretary working for the United Federation of Planets consulate in Parane, and Faven (father), a local merchant to modest success.

Alson was recognized for her academic talent at an early age. In Federation Standard Education Tests Junior Level 2, she scored within the top 5% of all candidates, and in 2358, she won Grand Order in the All-Orion Science Fair with her project built anaphasic neutronium scanner. Alson was skipped ahead a year in the Orion education system on two separate occasions, and still earned the highest marks in nearly all her classes, with several of her teachers predicting a bright future for her in research.

However, it was her athletic ability that was most prominently noticed – her natural aptitude for gymnastics brought her to the attention of many prestigious Junior Academies that were eager to acquire her for their teams. In the highly competitive world of Orion athletics, an athlete of Alson’s promise could earn a Junior Academy a number of lucrative endorsements, so no effort was spared in attempting to lure her into one of many athletics scholarships. Though the scholarships offered fully subsidized education to the level of her choice, Alson was warned by Jayinet star Crya Wone that any such offers were for show only, and that the only education she would receive would be athletics training. Alson declined all such offers, as her chosen field was the sciences, and she would not accept a mock-education in place of a real one. She also resented having her athletic ability being recognized over her academic ability, to which she devoted much more of her time and effort. The experience only further solidified her belief that Orion society placed far too much emphasis on sports and far too little on the intellectual and arts.

In 2359, Alson applied and was accepted into the Parane Technical Academy. Though her marks on the entrance secured her a position, the high tuition fees nearly prevented her from attending. Through great sacrifice on the part of both her parents, Alson was able to raise the necessary funds and began a five-year course of study.

Her study was cut short in 2361, when her father died during a disagreement between a group of Klingon customers in his store. Without her father’s help, Alson and her mother were not able to continue paying the tuition fees – Alson was forced to drop out. With no other options open to them, Lison Jalennen suggested that she apply to Starfleet Academy, where she would be able to pursue a career in the sciences. Initially extremely resistant to the idea, Alson grudgingly agreed to go. The family shop was sold to pay for immediate transport for Alson to Earth, so she could reach the Academy in time for the new intake.

Having arrived at the Academy, Alson quickly changed her mind about it. While she excelled in her classes, she also found the open acceptance of individuals based on their own merits and the balance of physical and intellectual a refreshing change. This balance also encouraged her to put more effort into her gymnastics skills.

Alson graduated the Academy in 2364 and was assigned to the Marcus Research Station, but she soon asked for a transfer to a starship, where she felt she could better apply her skills and be of more use to the Federation. Her first starship posting was the U.S.S Blain, a Challenger-class vessel, where she served as in Stellar Sciences. In 2368 she was later transferred to the Nebula-class U.S.S. Bruckheimer, where she served as Deputy Head of the Stellar Sciences Department, with the rank of Lieutenant. She continued to show exceptional skill and promise, leading to her recruitment by Captain Quinn Archer to serve as Science Officer aboard the newly refit U.S.S. Diplomat in 2371, with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Alson was a part of the assembled senior staff to oversee the completion of the refit, with the science departments coming under her jurisdiction and benefiting from practical field experience in the final stages of construction.

Casting Notes

I loved Murder One – specifically the first season. It was here that I first saw Grace Phillips, and over the course of the series, I became more and more impressed with her talent. Though her character wasn’t always high profile (something that would be the same with an ensemble cast show like Star Trek Diplomat), she brought a wonderful confidence to the role, and though she wasn’t always seen prominently, she never faded into the background. That same sort of confidence and ability to stick around were attributes I wanted Alson to have, along with the beauty and charm inherent to the Orion character. And Grace has all of these attributes in abundance.

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