Name: Farl, Grantz
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Chief/ Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Diplomat
Species: Gorn
Born: 2340
Birthplace: Rekethsh, Farlenma, Gorn Aznja
Height: 6’ 9"
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Red
Marital Status: Promised

Previous Assignments: U.S.S. Royso

Personal History
Grantz Farl was born in 2340, the first hatch of Trembren (father) and Seelethma (mother), in Rekethsh, Farlenma province on the Gorn homeworld, Gorn Aznja. Descended from Gorn aristocracy, the Farl clutch have been highly regarded leading citizens in the Farlenma province for nearly 800 years, since Starmin Farl led a force to retake the Kuowot province from the warlord Hassen - the area was later renamed in honor of Satrmin's actions.

Grantz was educated at the prestigious Pavenel Academy, regarded by many as one of the finest learning institutions in the Alpha quadrant. At an early age, Grantz took an interest in poetry (particularly that of the Grand Masters of Thabes VII and Tennyson), a fascination that he has continued to the present. Grantz also showed talent and interest in both painting and sculpture, and was encouraged to keep up with his skills by the legendary Artculain Art Proctor, Fem Hashleif.

Grantz was offered a number of scholarships from many high profile institutes, ranging from sports to applied physics to hypothetical 18th dimensional geo-constructs, even though his marks were not outstanding in any field. Grantz investigated, and soon learned that it was the influence of his family that garnered him so many offers. Unwilling to accept such handouts and unable to find any other educational institutes that offered courses of interest, Grantz decided to apply to Starfleet Academy. As the first Gorn to join Starfleet, Grantz was positive that his family would hold no sway over his acceptance, and so would be able to earn his place on his own.

Grantz applied in 2358 and was rejected – his entrance exam results were not sufficient. Reapplying again in 2359, Grantz was accepted, though his entrance exam marks were still only borderline. Grantz managed to raise his grades over the course of his time at the Academy, but was never higher than middle of the class, despite his very visible commitment. His determination was, however, noted by several instructors, who commented and commended him. Overall, Grantz was a solid middle of the class student, with acceptable, but not outstanding grades.

Academy life was, however, harsh on Grantz when it came to socializing. As the only Gorn, Grantz often felt isolated, especially as the rest of his training group were humanoids, rather than reptilian. Other cadets had a hard time relating to Grantz, and often made little effort to do so. Being a social outcast was quite traumatic, as in Gorn circles he was not only highly regarded due to his clutch, but also regarded as very handsome, a view not shared by most of his classmates.

Further difficulties presented themselves when it came time to decide what field to pursue in Starfleet – he was aware that the sciences would not be right for him, and felt that the command path would not be a wise choice either. When one of his fellow cadets made a disparaging remark about the Gorn, Grantz quickly displayed his aptitude in unarmed combat. While the brawl resulted in a hearing before the disciplinary committee, it did lead to Commander Serik suggesting that given his superior physical attributes, security/tactical would be the most logical course for otherwise direction-less Grantz to follow. Grantz accepted Serik’s advice, and thoroughly enjoyed that portion of the course.

Upon his graduation in 2363, Grantz was assigned to the Ambassador-class U.S.S. Royso, and served as part of the security detail. It was with practical experience that Grantz excelled. He quickly came to the attention of the Royso’s Captain, Tarins Karina. The Bajoran Captain quickly took Grantz under her wing and personally tutored him. In 2368, Grantz was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given the position of Security Chief/Tactical aboard the Royso. He continued to distinguish himself in active service, particularly in an incident in 2369 between the Royso and a Romulan Warbird in the Neutral Zone. It was during this encounter that Captain Tarins was critically injured, and forced to take up an administrative position at Starfleet Command. Captain William Tut was given command of the Royso, but Grantz, like many among the senior staff, had more than his fair share of disagreements with Captain Tut. It is suspected that this came to the attention of Captain Tarins, who then had strings pulled to transfer her former officers to be reassigned to more favorable positions, including Grantz’s to the U.S.S. Diplomat in 2371. Grantz and Captain Tarins continue to keep in close contact.

Recently, Grantz acquired an incredible fascination with the game of baseball, a sport once popular on Earth, and now a craze currently sweeping the Gorn Alliance and the Gorn/Federation border, especially the joint Federation/Gorn colony on Cestus III. Grantz also has a particular interest in the progress of his youngest cousin, Jes, in her studies at Starfleet Academy.

Casting Notes

Grantz was not easy to cast. First up, whoever would play him would be buried under a ton of makeup – much more than that of current Star Trek stars like Michael Dorn, Rene Auberjonis, or Ethan Phillips (though of course, the Gorn makeup would be refined by makeup maestro, Michael Westmore). So instead, I focused on casting a voice. The voice needed to not only project the toughness required for Security Chief, and being a lizard-like alien, but also had to be able to eloquently express the artist within Grantz. Keith David, best known for his voice over work as Goliath on the cartoon series Gargoyles, and as Spawn on the animated series of the same name, has all the power and range I wanted in the voice – shown by the fact that he’s won an Emmy for his work on Gargoyles. He’s also done work in special effects-heavy productions before (Volcano), and Keith also has the right sort of build for a Gorn – he’s big! But it’s that wonderful range and powerful feeling he gives a character that made him right for Grantz.

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