Guest Starring
Colin Mochrie as Keelin
(Picure Unfinished)
Colin Mochrie is one of my favourite comedy actors, though I've never actually seen him playing a role. It's his wonderful peformances on the UK improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway? that's made me a huge fan of his, and it's the brand of humour that he brings to that show that I think would work wonderfully as the bumbling Ferengi, Keelin (no prizes for guessing who the charcter was named after).

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Ryan Stiles as Rion
(Picure Unfinished)
Ryan Stiles is probably best known to people from his work on The Drew Carrey Show, but again, I first saw him on Whose line Is It Anyway? where, strangely enough, he's often paired with Colin Mochrie. The wonderful interaction between these two when they're doing their characters in that improvisation show is incredible, and it was only natural that the pair should stick together as Ferengi. And yes, Ryan is rather tall for a Ferengi...

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