Name: Archer, Quinn Vasily
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Diplomat
Species: Human
Born: 2331
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, North America, Earth
Height: 6' 0"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Marital Status: Never Married

Previous Assignments: U.S.S. Icarus, U.S.S. Myers, U.S.S. Rodis, U.S.S. Diplomat

Personal History
Born in 2331, in Boston, Massachusetts, Quinn Vasily Archer is the eldest of two children. The son of Nobel, Zee-Magnees and Quwatein prize winning Marine Biologist Dr Annabel Borodin-Archer, and Paleontologist Dr Reilly Archer, Quinn and his younger brother, Rhys, spent his formative years following their parents around a variety of exotic locales that eithers work led them.

In 2348, at the age of 17, Quinn successfully applied to Starfleet Academy, earning a place and scoring the highest entrance exam score for his year - a score that has only been surpassed on three occasions. Quinn was taken under the wing of then-Captain Jeffery Lago and continued to excel in his studies. During a xenobiology field trip to Parkingen Station in 2352, a freak subspace thread caused the U.S.S. Scorupco - a Sydney-class transport ship the class was travelling in - to malfunction. Quinn organized the repair effort and succeeded in repairing the vessel before it spiraled into the system's sun. Archer received a commendation, and graduated valedictorian of his class later that year.

Archer's first assignment was to Stellar Sciences department aboard the U.S.S. Icarus, where he served under Lieutenant Kathryn Janeway. The two struck up a close friendship that persisted until her apparent death in the line of duty in 2371. From there, Archer quickly rose through the ranks, making the rank of Lieutenant Commander by the time he was 26. Archer gained the rank of Commander in 2357 at age 29 when began his service as First Officer on the Renaissance-class U.S.S. Rodis, under the command of Captain Nicholas Chalk, having already served two years as Second officer aboard the Apollo-class U.S.S. Myers under Chalk. In 2364, Captain Steven Reiner recruited Quinn to serve as First Officer aboard the newly commissioned Galaxy-class U.S.S. Diplomat. Archer was offered the position following the disappearance of the Commander David Garis, who had originally been assigned to the position, but never reported for duty following shore leave with family at the Tarod IX outpost (it was later discovered that the outpost had been destroyed by the Borg).

During 2365, Archer became disruptive and eventually went AWOL - unknown to the rest of the crew, following the orders set out for him by Starfleet Intelligence. While posing as a rogue officer, Archer was approached by Casari Talek, a female Cardassian Intelligence Officer. Archer began feeding her false information as per his orders, but the two unexpectedly fell in love. Archer's assignment was a success, with the Cardassian biogenics research facility in the Folnous system destroyed. Ordered to return to the Diplomat, Archer felt the need to tell Talek the truth, in the hopes that she would abandon Cardassia and come with him. Instead, Talek, having already found out the truth, attempted to ambush him. In the ensuing fight, Archer was badly injured and believed that he had killed Talek with her own d'k tahg (Kilngon knife). It was not until some months later that he discovered that she was alive and had received a promotion for her efforts to kill him.

The Diplomat was a part of the task force assembled at Wolf 359 to combat the Borg incursion of 2367. During the course of the battle, the Diplomat was critically damaged and sent spinning out of the system, the vast majority of her crew killed. As the senior surviving officer, a critically wounded Archer took command of the fifty survivors and managed to keep them alive until their rescue three weeks later. Following a three-month recovery period, Archer was awarded the Double Gold Star with palms for his actions.

Archer was promoted to Captain and was promised the command of the U.S.S. Diplomat once it completed its' refit, expected to take eighteen to twenty two months (it ended up taking nearly four and a half years). Archer spent the intervening years in a number of positions. Following six months leave on Betazed, Archer served in an administrative position at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth for two months, then as a Special Consultant to the Federation Security Council in 2368, after which he was assigned as an attaché to the Cardassian Consulate for a further year. Archer was then recruited to serve as a troubleshooter, and did so for nearly two years, before returning to oversee the final stages of the reconstruction of the Diplomat in 2371 and taking command of the ship when it returned to active duty on Stardate 48914.

Casting Notes

For the captain of the U.S.S. Diplomat, there was only ever one choice for me: Sam Neill. Apart from the fact that he's a fellow Kiwi (born of New Zealand parents, raised in New Zealand and he lives in New Zealand some of the time), Sam is a personal hero of mine. He is most famous for his roles in movies such as Event Horizon, The Piano, Dead Calm, The Hunt For Red October and, of course, Jurassic Park. That range of roles alone shows the versatility he has - he’s been everything from a master spy to a paleontologist to a Russian submarine officer to a psychotic scientist - and that versatility would be well put to the test in Star Trek Diplomat. But the thing that really clinched it was his smile. His trademark grin really captured the essence of everything I wanted Quinn Archer to be. No one could play Quinn like Sam.

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