10 January, 2000

Hello all. No Frillz Records is now in a stage of deconstruction. It never really took off due to poor organisation on my behalf. There are still a couple more releases to surface but, towards the end of February, the site will be shut down and I shall think over my future in recording labels. I got into a position where the workload was overwhelming (or maybe that's just an excuse for laziness). I'll be starting a new record label, however, over the coming months, this time paying close attention to each release right from the start and only progress onto the next once each one is recorded and packaged.

Now for the No Frillz news: Harmotic member Krissy Kris "the famous composer" has returned from red light capital Sweden. New Harmotic material is currently being worked on with a more diverse repertoire than that featured on the 1998 Harmotic cassette - jazz, blues, pop. You name it. Kris is also doing some solo bits 'n' pieces on his 4-track that Eddie kindly returned after a somewhat extended loan. Speaking of Eddie, his first fiction title - a collection of short stories - will be available by the 18th of February. He's also been working on musical ideas to compliment some of his literary output. Popolice is no longer. 3 cassettes, 2 CDs, and a lathe-cut LP has seen the waring out of this musical project.

Oh well, that's it for now folks. 'Til next time. Oh yeah... Happy new millenium etc, etc, etc... blargh, blargh, blargh... Bye.

Next update: Maybe Early Feb.