Corpus Hermeticum

Bruce Russell, responsible for the legendary (and now defunct) Xpressway label, has built a fine catalogue documenting the New Zealand "free" music scene. He began Corpus Hermeticum in 1993 as a means to release material from his band, A Handful Of Dust. Since then, he's released over 30 products, many of which are, quite possibly, some of the most significant releases in todays avant-guarde.

Crawlspace Records

Crawlspace Records are responsible for the rescent collection of 7" singles by local artists. They have a shop in Auckland City as well, one of the only shops in Auckland that stock hard-to-find New Zealand music. They also import releases by overseas artists that other shops wouldn't even think of stocking. Basically a fine record label and the best record store in Auckland.

High Tension House

Hamish Noonan has received much fame for his label. Also based in New Zealand, it offers releases on all formats, mainly dealing with the "free" music genre.

Lurking Fear

A guy from New York has put together this label collecting a very home-made collection of art, audio cassettes and fan-zines. I've yet to purchase anything from this catalogue but I'm very tempted due to the wacky ideas. Take a look.

Stabbies And The Rocket

A dunedin based record label run by Stefan Neville, who, himself, plays solo and with various other musicians. It features a selection of cassettes and LPs for your audio pleasure.