No Frillz Records (1996 - 2000)

No Frillz Records was conceived during the latter half of 1996. The actual production of cassettes didn't begin, however, until 1998. The history has remained minimal due to the fact that No Frillz Records has continued to be more of an idea than an actual project. So, to this day, No Frillz Records could be remembered as the label that released more than 20 products yet still never started.After the enthusiasm shown for the Harmotic cassette, however, much inspiration was gained and, during 1999, it was decided that the No Frillz Records catalogue would become available over the internet. No Frillz Records focused on releasing home-made recordings of no particular genre. Instead, particular aesthetics within the attitude behind the music created what was available through this catalogue. The name, No Frillz Records, well describes the feeling behind these products, from packaging to sound quality (in a stereotypical sense). The effort and enthusiasm put into making these products, however, was an entirely different story. R.I.P.