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The Sega SC-3000 Computer & SG-1000 Console were Sega's first foray into the world of home videogames and were introduced around 1983.

Both units saw very little distribution outside Japan and as a result very little is known about them.   However the machines were reasonable sellers in two overseas markets , Australia & New Zealand (& sold in South Africa, Italy, Spain)

In New Zealand the distribution was handled by Grandstand Leisure Ltd who supported the system up until early 1986 when they dropped the Sega line to concentrate on marketing the Amstrad range in NZ.
In Australia the line was marketed by "John Sands"

In both countries a small but strong & enthusiastic user base developed. In addition to the "official" Cartridges & Tapes sold by Grandstand (and later distributors)
a variety of other Applications & Games were sold by a number of small New Zealand & Australian developers. (all were on Tape or Disk - no 3rd Party Cartridges were ever produced).
Some 3rd party hardware was also produced, including a Speech Synthesis unit (developed by a local NZ company) & a Lightpen.

In New Zealand a magazine was also produced for a number of years "Sega Computer - The official magazine of the SEGA User Club of New Zealand".

In New Zealand & Australia the the SC-3000 far outsold the SG-1000. The SC-3000 was marketed as a programmers/beginneers computer NOT a games system.
The SG-1000 was advertised as a machine that would let your kids play Sega games on the TV and leave the SC-3000 free so you could get with some serious programming.

Sega SC-3000

  • CPU: Z80 maximum address range of 65535 bytes
    First 32K occupied by the Basic ROM or Games ROM
  • Video Chip: Texas Instruments TMM9929A
    (4 Color Modes, 32 Sprites, 16K RAM)
  • Sound Chip: SN76487AN
    (3 sound channels & a noise generator)
  • System Ram: 2Kbyte 8212


      Hardware Shown:
      • SC-3000H Computer
      • Super Control Station: SF-7000

        Features: 3" compact floppy disk,
        Centronics Parallel Port,
        RS232C Port, 64K Ram,
      • Data Recorder: SR-1000
      • Plotter Printer: SP-400
      • JoyStick
      • Monitor



      Sega SG-1000


      One built in joystick and a port for a second

      RF output only and lacks the RGB of the SC-3000

      Runs all SC-3000 carts except Music & the Basic Carts.

      An Add-on keyboard to convert the SG-1000 to an SC-3000 was available in Japan but appears never to have been imported and sold here in NZ.

      A "card-catcher" was also available which allowed the use of the much smaller Sega Game Cards on these systems.

      Game Cartridges
      Known New Zealand Releases:
      • Basic Level II
      • Basic Level IIIA
      • Basic Level IIIB (extends Memory frm 16K to 32K)
      • Music
      • N/SUB
      • Safari Hunting
      • Border Line
      • Congo Bongo
      • Yamoto
      • Star Jacker
      • Champion Tennis
      • Champion Golf
      • Champion Baseball
      • Monaco GP
      • Sinbad Mystery
      • Video Flipper
      • Pacar
      • Pop Flamer
      • Exerion
      • Flicky
      • Orguss
      • Championship Boxing
      • Safari Race
      • Lode Runner

      Some Sega "My Card" games also reached New Zealand and were available for Hire by at least one supplier. These games used a "Card Catcher" to allow them to be used on an SC-3000/SG-1000

      "My Card" Games mentioned in NZ publications

      • Bank Panic
      • Drol
      • Penguin Land
      • Lode Runner
      • Championship Lode Runner
      • GP World
      • SEGA Galaga
      • Choplifter
      • Dragon Wing
      • Zoom 909
      • HyperSports
      • Zippy Race
      • Chack 'n' Pop
      • Ice Hockey
      • Thinking Rabbit
      • Hustle Chummoe
      • BombJack
      • Elevator Action
      • Ninja Princess
      • Wonderboy
      • Zaxxon
      • C-SO!
      • Hangon2
      • Pitfall2
      • Rock'n'Bolt

      Click Here to see some Game Screenshots