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Ahhhhh - MOOG Music - some of the earliest electronic music and some of the most cheeziest.

Nothing else can compare to the sound of your favourite hit or Classical tune done in a "Switched-On" fashion.

MOOG albums seem to have been a brief but very productive fad, and I keep on finding new ones. This is my very modest collection.

  • "The In Sound from Way Out - Electronic Pop Music of the Furture", Perrey & Kingsley

  • "Kaleidoscopic Vibrations - Electronic Pop Music from Way Out", Perrey & Kingsley

  • "The Essential Perrey & Kingsley"

  • "Switched on Gershwin"
    Leonid Hambro & Gershon Kingsley

  • "MOOG plays the Beatles"
    Marty Gold

  • "MOOG Espana"
    Sid Bass

  • "Switched-on Rock"
    The Moog Machine

  • "Synthesizer Electric Sound"
    The Carmets (Japanese)

  • "Golden Hour of Instrumental Hits"
    The Many MOOGS of Killer Watts

  • "MOOG Groove"
    The Electronic Concept Orchestra

  • "More Switched on Bacharach"
    Performed on the MOOG Synthesizer by Sir Christopher Scott

  • "Instrumental Abba - MOOG & Guitars play 20 Golden Hits"

  • "Favourites from Outer Space"
    Various Artists' (Music World)

  • "Golden Moog - 24 Smash Hits"
    (Music World)

  • "Je T'Aime.. Moi Non Plus"
    Baker St. Philharmonic with the Moog

  • "Popcorn & other Electronic Hits"
    The Moog Synthesizer Sound

  • "Everything you wanted to Hear on the Moog... but were afraid to ask for"

  • "MOOG!"
    Claude Denjean

  • "Open Curcuit"
    Claude Denjean

  • "A Very Merry Electric Christmas to You!"
    Douglas Leedy

  • "Christmas becomes Electric"
    The Moog Machine

  • "Moog Party Time"

  • "PopCorn"
    Electric Coconut

  • "Ticker Tape"
    Electric Coconut

  • "Moog Hits"
    Hot Butter

  • "PopCorn"
    Hot Butter

  • "Electric Hair"
    The Electric Hair

  • "Switched-On Bach"
    Wendy Carlos

  • "Switched-On Bach II"
    Wendy Carlos

  • "Clockwork Orange"
    Wendy Carlos

  • "The Moog Strikes Bach..."
    Sonart Productions Inc.

  • "Chopin A La Moog" - with lots of Strings Attached
    Sonart Productions Inc.

  • "Synthesized Electrons"
    John Santo Plays Bach

  • "Nashville Moog - Switched on Nashville"
    Gil Trythall

  • "Nashville Gold Switched-On Moog" / "Country Moog - Switched on Nashville"
    Gil Trythall

  • "In a Country Moog"
    Gil Trythall, (2LP Collection)

  • "Switched-On-Country"
    Rick Powell

  • "Voyage through his Hits Vol.2", "Cosmos", "Grand Canyon" ,etc.

  • "The Synthesizer Sound Machine"
    The Fantastic Pikes

  • "Space Experience"
    John Keating

  • "Space Experience 2"
    John Keating

  • "Hits in Hi-Fi"
    Keating Incorporated

  • "Sounds Unlimited"
    John Keating (compilation)

  • "An AstroMusical Odyssey"
    Sounds Galactic (John Keating)

  • "Out of this World - Atmospheric Sounds and Effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop"

  • "The Amazing Music of the Electronic Arp Synthesizer"
    Gordan Langford

  • Bob Rowe's Music Box

  • "Star Wars"
    Patrick Gleeson

  • "Rocket Man"
    Hugo Montenegro

  • "Sound 2000" (Moog, Organ, Rhythm
    Klaus Wonderlich

  • "Disco Saturday Nacht, Feverish Sounds of 1830"
    Eine Kleine Disco Band (Orange Vinyl!)

  • "Black Mass Lucifer - Moog goes Supernatural with Eerie Electronics"
    Mort Garson

  • Other Non-Moog LPs

  • "Chariots of the Gods": The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra

  • Data General Computers - A Generation Ahead (1984) (promo comp with George Duke, Freur, Bob James)

  • Mike Harvey (NZ): "Great Expectations",

  • "Score" Duncan Mackay

  • Synergy: "Audion", "Games"

If your interested in MOOG music look here for a "Best of the MOOG" CD
with a track list that includes many MOOG classics.