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Handheld Heaven
Electronic Handheld & Tabletop Games
Handheld Heaven


The Gallery:
Handheld Pictures & Information

Grandstand Handheld Brochure


Game Master List
The Nintendo 'Game & Watch' Master List
All the games listed.....
With Pictures



Grandstand were one of the main companies who sold handhelds in the UK & NZ.
Information on the company and pictures of the games from there
1981 'Mini Arcade' Brochure


Handheld Pictures Featuring!
Palitoy: Cue Ball
Gakken: Galaxy Invader 1000
Casio: Karate Fight
Gakken: Gunfighter
Grandstand: Pocket Pacman
Pacman Game Watch


More Pictures! Featuring!
Gakken: Amidar
CGL:Cosmic Scramble

Other Pictures!
Tomy/Grandstand: Caveman Grandstand: Scramble
Grandstand: Star Force Gakken: Jungler


Click here for a listing of some of the Handheld games in my personal collection.

My Personal Collection

img img

Pic: Some of my Collection prior to
shipping from the UK. London Nov. 1997.

Why Collect Handhelds???

Handheld videogames first appeared in New Zealand when I was at primary school.
They were a huge novelty and as they were unobtainable locally, the lucky children who had them usually got these as presents from overseas.
Any one who had a new game would bring to school where crowds of children would flock admire it, and at my school one very enterprising youngster even started to charge 5 or 10cents for a game at lunchtime.
The most commonly seen games were the 'Mini-Arcade' type (Astro Wars, Invader from Space, Galaxy Invader etc) and the Nintendo Game and Watch series. The range of Casio game calculators (8 attack, Boxing etc) which were sold locally were very popular as were early Digital wrist watch games (Conso "Space Shuttle" etc.)

When I started going to carboot sales in the UK I started off focusing on consoles and cartridge games but soon found that it was the handheld or tabletop electonic games that I really enjoyed finding.
While every cartridge is pretty similar looking, there is such a huge variety in the handheld electronic games that makes finding a new game you haven't seen before just that much more fun.

There have been 100's of different manufacturers of these games and some very inspired attempts to make a toy version of a Real Arcade game.
I'm particulary interested in collecting the games of my youth - The Mini Arcade type games (there is something about the neon-like glow of the display I like), Nintendo Game & Watches and the earlier red LED handhelds.
I'm also into the early electro-mechanical games - where by some fairly cunning means an electronic game is simulated mechanically.
I generally don't collect modern LCD Electronic games - most lack the innovation of there early relations and they are often poorly made.

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