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Carboot finds page...

Colliers Wood (London) Carboot Sale
November 1997

As I've long since left the UK and have returned to New Zealand this page will no longer be updated with UK finds - while there are no bootsales in New Zealand I've found there are other places to find games (junk shops, garage sales, school fairs, markets etc.) and I may include some of these finds here.

The New Zealand Scene

New Zealand is'nt as bad for finding interesting stuff as you might imagine and I am still finding enough interesting stuff to make regular hunting trips worthwhile.

Very few of the "Big Name" consoles were ever released here.
I've never seen or found any Coleco, Intellivision or Vectrex stuff here but we did get the Atari 2600 & 7800 (the 7800 was probably just sold at "clearance prices")
Only a few Atari 2600 carts were officially released here and hardly any third party titles except for those sold by Australian company H.E.S (Home Entertainment Supplies) seem to have made it here. The company who distributed the 2600 here was "Monaco Distributors"

Click Here!
For a picture of the Monaco Atari Carts.

Systems we did get include.... Sega: SG-1000, SC-3000, Mattel: Aquarius and I've found at least a dozen different early PONG/TV Tennis systems sold here that are marked as "Made in New Zealand"
Generally 8Bit Computers had far more impact here than consoles and are easier to find.

Handhelds can be found here but in much smaller quantities than in the UK. Some were sold locally (Grandstand were the biggest company selling these here) but many were probably bought in as gifts from overseas.

UK Carboots....

Coming from New Zealand where carboots are very uncommon I found the whole UK carboot scene fascinating and a wonderful source of classic video gaming material.
You just cannot go out and find nothing....

Having been asked by several people to put online my list of 'finds' - here we go!

All markets/carboots attended were in the greater London area

Most items are for my own collection, but if you really want something I've found please let me know and we may be able to make a deal.


QuickFind Index

NOVEMBER 1st & 2nd November 1997
OCTOBER 18th & 19th October 1997
4th & 5th October 1997
SEPTEMBER 27th & 28th September 1997
20th & 21st September 1997
13th & 14th September 1997
6th & 7th September 1997
AUGUST 30th & 31th August 1997
23th & 24th August 1997
16th & 17th August 1997
9th & 10th August 1997
2nd & 3rd August 1997
JULY 19th July & 20th July 1997
12th July & 13th July 1997
5th July &6th July 1997
JUNE 28th June & 29th June 1997
21st June & 22nd June 1997
14th June & 15th June 1997
7th June & 8th June 1997
31st May & 1st June 1997
MAY 24th,25th & 26th May 1997
17th & 18th May 1997
10th & 11th May 1997
3rd & 4th May 1997
MARCH & APRIL 26th & 27 April 1997
19th & 20th April 1997
12 & 13th April 1997
5th & 6th April 1997
Easter Weekend 1997
23rd & 24th March 1997

NEW!Finds for Weekend 1st November '97

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Mario Bros G&W
  • CGL 'Galaxy Twinvader'

  • Other:
  • Ending Man S-500 Video Game System (NES/Famicom Clone)
  • Famicom Pirate Carts: Double Dragon 3,The Mahjong World (Sanchen), Rainbow Islands,Mario IV,Super Mario III + II,52-in-1 Multi
  • Coleco Carts: + Smurfs, Subroc, Super Cobra, Q-Bert, Venture, Zaxxon, DK Jr, DK, Lady Bug, Pepper II.
  • Memotech - Memopak 16k for ZX81
  • Vic 20 Carts: Supersoft - Tank Atak (bxd), Voodoo Castle, Sargon II Chess, Omega Race, Jupiter Lander, Mole Attack, Pirates Cove, The Count, Super Expander with 3K Ram Cartridge, Vixen Switchable 16K ram,
  • Boxed Acetronic System (mint in box)
  • + 6 boxed Acetronic Games... really nice condition boxes.. games are.. Horse Racing, Grandprix, Shooting Gallery, Air/Sea Attack, Olympics, Black Jack.
  • 10 - 15 assorted 2600 Carts

NEW!Finds for Weekend 18th October '97

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Coleco: Pacman
  • Grandstand: Flyer BMX
  • IQ Arcade

  • Other:
  • Atari 2600 Carts: Imagic: Dragonfire, Activision 'Sky Jinks' (bxd), Reactor, Telegames - Kung Fu Superkicks (50p each)
  • Videopac: Computer Programmer Cart

Finds for Weekend 4th October '97

You just know its going to be a good weekend when your first find on a on Sat. at your local boot is a Vectrex!.
And on Sunday I was lucky enough to go with Ian P. and visit some of his local bootsales. Some nice big boots up his way and while we didn't see alot of Console stuff I found some very nice Handhelds that more than made up for this.

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Tomy: MunchMan
  • Tomy: Alien Attack
  • Tomy: Caveman
  • Grandstand - Astrowars (bxd)
  • Grandstand - Scramble (bxd) x 2
  • Nintendo Game & Watch - Fire, Safebuster, Tropical Fish (rough box)

  • Other:
  • Vectrex - working (4 quid)
  • Columns (Game Gear Cart) 2 quid
  • Binatone - Superstar Console (bxd + 2 carts)
  • Tomy- Chatbot
  • Ingersol 'Strike Command' The Programmable TV Battle Game
  • PB - Q*Bert Boardgame

Finds for Weekend 27th September '97

Some nice bits but the continued police and council crackdown on illegal traders (fly pitchers is the technical term) at Brick Lane market on sundays is making it a much less profitable area. Good fun watching them be moved on only to set up shop around the corner minutes later.

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Mattel: Armour Battle
  • Remco - Super Sloppy Double Dare Pinball (1989) (20p)
  • Casio - Karate Fight
  • Grandstand - Astrowars (bxd)

  • Other:
  • Priztronic - Tournament III (Pong) bxd + bxd light gun

Finds for Weekend 20th September '97

slow weekend and my normal handheld supplying trader was away on holiday....

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • G&W: Mickey Mouse (2)
  • Unisonic 21 - Benny The Greek Blackjack - game calculator

  • Other:
  • C64- 6 carts (lazarian, clowns, pinball spectacular, international soccer, sea wolf, jack attack
  • MSX - Hypersports I (bxd)
  • ASCII Stick - PC Engine Joystick (japn bxed as new) anyone need this?

Finds for Weekend 13th September '97

With the carboot 'season' in the UK now officially over, (most carboots that are non 'hard-standing' (on grass) are now closed until around Easter next year) I'm now seriously limited to the Carboots I can attend so I did'nt think this weekend would be very good but after a slow saturday, sunday was good.

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Microvision (works + case) & 3 boxed carts (Bowling, Pinball, Connect Four)
  • Bambino: Space Laser Fight
  • Palitoy: Cue Ball

  • Other:
  • INTV: Donkey Kong (bxd)
  • Atari 2600: Radar Lock

Finds for Weekend 6th September '97

No carboots on Sat. because of that Funeral and hardly any life on Sunday.

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • GRANDSTAND: The BIG GAME Electronic Soccer (bxd)

Finds for Weekend 30th August '97

No sales on Sat. (we had a flat BBQ) and went to Brick Lane Market Sunday where all I found was some nice mint boxed 2600 games.


  • 9 - 2600 Boxed Games:inc. Casino, Videopinball, Golf, Slot Racers, Maze Craze, Night Driver, Dodge Em', Space War etc
  • 2 misc. Videopac games

Finds for Weekend 23rd August '97

A fairly slow weekend made good by the large find of Videopac stuff on Sunday Afternoon.

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Casio: Block Burster
  • Casio: Shuttle Orbiter
  • Other Stuff

  • Boxed Videopac & 17 Boxed Games (inc. Complete bxd 'Conquest of the World') (5 quid)
  • MD: Virtua Racing

Finds for Weekend 16th & 17th August '97

Another really hot weekend here and as this is the second to last weekend that I'll have access to a car in London
we headed out to blitz the bigger bootsales to the the West of London.

Lots of good finds esp. good handhelds (Microvision, 15 Game & Watches etc) and lots of other weird bits made for a top weekend.
Not many consoles around and the 2600's I saw all had a same set of about 10 commons.

I also met a Trader with 2600/Coleco carts who had a copy of the VGR rariety list who said he had been sent it by 3 US Collectors along with their want list and he was regularly supplying them with games from here!.

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • MB: Microvision (bxd as new) + Shooting Star cart (bxd as new)
  • Nintendo Game & Watches: Donkey Kong (3), Donkey Kong II (3), Boxing VS, Mario Bros., Squish, Zelda, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy Tennis, Octopus, Fire, Manhole (original)
  • CGL: Earth Invaders
  • Parker Brothers: WildFire
  • Tomy: KingMan
  • Parker Brothers: Milton
  • Entex: Pacman 2
  • Tomy: Caveman
  • Coleco: QuizWiz (French version)
  • Grandstand; Munchman (2)
  • Grandstand: Invader from Space
  • Bandai: Las Vegas
  • Tomy: 3D Thundering Turbos, 3D Sky Attack

  • Carts:

  • NES: Colordreams - Raid 2020, - Galactic Crusade, DK III
  • Coleco: Star Trek - Strategic Operations Sim, Tele Turtle, War Games, Front Line, Pepper II, Lady Bug
  • 2600: Gameworld: Frankensteins Monster, Solar Fox, Klax (bxd), Xenophobe (bxd), Dig Dug (sw) + misc. commons
  • SMS: Mortal Kombat, Xenon2, Fantasy Zone, Pacmania, Galaxy Force
  • 32X: Doom, MKII
  • Megadrive: Virtua Racing

  • Other Stuff
  • Famicom Clone/Pirate System - Micro Genius Computer Game IQ-501 Profession

Finds for Weekend 9th August '97

The hottest weekend of the year!
Sat. I only went to my local bootsale and my only find was one Handheld so on Sunday I went to a few more London bootsales/markets and had a bit more luck and found a Vectrex which was great but hard work carrying it around all day

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Nintendo G&W: Crab Grab (supercolor), Mario Bros, Fire Attack
  • Tomy: Powerman LCD
  • Other Stuff

  • Vectrex (+Scramble cart) 25 working
  • Jaguar: Tempest 2k (3)

Finds for Weekend 2nd August '97 + previous week

I was on holiday the weekend before and all last week so I only managed to visit carboot sales that were on as I passed by in the car (quite a few down Devon/Cornwall way) so this list is really 1 good weekends finds + misc. bits from the weekend before....
A heap of Game & Watches again with a good haul of 8 mint ones with Instructions from one stall....
2 different people had SMS games for 50p each so I just had to buy them

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Nintendo G&W: Octopus, Blackjack, Safebuster, Snoppy Tennis, Chef, Donkey Kong, Squish, DK II, DK3 Vs, Bombsweeper, Safebuster (bxd)
  • Bambino: Race n' Chase
  • Coleco: Zodiac
  • Entex: Soccer
  • Tomy: Arcade Racing
  • Grandstand: Pocket Scramble
  • Mattel: Battlestar Galactic Space Alert
  • Coleco: Master Challenge (+BBC quiz questions module)
  • Other Stuff

  • Rowtron Console + 3 Carts (Alien Invader, Auto Race, Escape) (2.50)
  • Sinclair: Pocket B&W TV (another working one w. case)
  • MSX: Sony Hitbit (2)
  • 2600: Snoppy & Red Baron, Jawbreaker, Raft Rider, + about 20 more common titles
  • SMS: 50p titles!, Casino Games, Great Golf, World Cup Italia 90, Ace of Aces, Joe Montana, Super Tennis, f16 Fighter
  • SMS: 3 Boxed complete Ultima7, Phantasy Star
  • GameGear: Woody Pop (bxd, jap) 1!

Finds for Weekend 19th & 20th July, '97

I only went to my local bootsale on Saturday as it was a big Rugby watching day (the mighty All-Blacks vs. South Africa) and found not much.
Sunday however I again borrowed a car and hit about 6 boots (all big field type of affairs) and came home sunburnt but loaded down with goodies (carrying all this from where I drop the car off at Highgate on the Tube, down to Clapham is a nightmare!)

Again I found lots of nice/cheap handhelds (50p to 1.50 each was about the average this weekend) and some neato console bits (my first boxed MSX carts - these boxes are like vinyl VHS cases - anyone need these?)
Saw hardly any 2600 stuff all with just a few consoles with a single pacman/combat cart.
It was a woman in her 60's who told me she had about 80 carts at home and still played them every day who provided the few I did get.

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Nintendo G&W Crystal Screen: Super Mario Bros.
  • Nintendo G&W Donkey King (bxd)
  • Bambino: Safari (bxd)
  • Tomy: 3D Sky Attack (2 - 1 bxd)
  • Grandstand: Pocket Pacman, Mini Munchman
  • Grandstand: Invader from Space (bxd)
  • Ramtex: Space Invaders/Block Buster
  • Tomy: Hit & Missile, Digital Daredevil (both bxd)
  • Casio: Soccer
  • Mattel: Armour Battle, Battlestar Galactica Space Alert
  • Entex: Space Invader
  • Namco/Systema: Pacland

  • Other Stuff

  • 3DO: Ballz: The Directors Cut (1)
  • INTV: boxed unit & 12 boxed games (inc. QBert, Triple Action, Night Stalker etc )
  • MSX: 3 Boxed Carts (Breakout, Highway Star, Tele Bunnie)
  • Master System: 8 boxed carts @ 50p each :)
    Sonic2, Streets of Rage, Jungle Book, Gauntlet, Sonic Chaos, Batman Returns, Cool Spot, Senna's Super Manaco GP 2
  • 2600: A few carts inc. 32n1, Armour Battle, Demon Attack (bxd), Star Master (bxd)

Finds for Weekend 12th July, '97

One went to the one Sat. carboot sale this weekend....

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Nintendo G&W: Mario Bros.
  • Nintendo G&W Panorama Screen: Snoopy
  • Grandstand: Muchman (Tomy)
  • Grandstand: Pocket Pacman

  • Other Stuff

  • Binatone: SuperStar + Super10 Cartridge
  • Sinclair: Pocket B&W TV (works!)
  • 2600: 5 carts

Finds for Weekend 5th & 6th July '97

After 3 weeks of bad weather it was nice to have a sunny weekend again.
Weather reports had Saturday down for scattered showers and the carboots were filled with sellers but very few buyers,
Sunday was a hot, hot sunny day and everywhere was very busy.
I had a car again this weekend so covered as many boots as possible and came home with a good haul. Over 30 handhelds!
Saw heaps of Spectrums, Amstrads, Acorns & BBC's around but few consoles..


  • Entex: Arcade Defender
  • Mattel: Brain Baffler
  • Mattel: Soccer (2)
  • Super Simon (mint, boxed)
  • Coleco: Head to Head Boxing
  • Tomy: Digital Daredevil
  • CGL: Invader (cream), Invader 1000 (new in box)
  • CGL: Puck Monster
  • Grandstand: Electronic Solitaire
  • Grandstand: Pocket Scramble ((c)1983 Epoch)
  • Grandstand: Mini Munchman
  • Tomy: 3DTomytronics Thundering Turbos (2)
  • Tomy: Caveman
  • Bandai: U-Boat
  • Bandai: Sub Chase
  • Nintendo G&W Vs: Boxing (new in box)
  • Nintendo G&W: Crabgrab Supercolor (boxed)
  • Nintendo G&W: Chef (new in box)
  • Nintendo G&W: Egg (new in box)
  • Nintendo G&W: Mario Bros, DK Jr, DKong, DKong II (1 loose, 1 boxed), Zelda
  • ALPS: Action Rider (like Tomy: Digital Daredevil)
  • Mego: Fabulous Fred
  • Systems & Carts

  • TV Boy (Pal, Version 1)
  • Videopac (boxed)
  • Intellivoice + Bxd - Slapshot, Snafu, Vectron, B17 Bomber, Trons Deadly Discs, Tron Solar Sailor
  • Nintendo - Family Computer (Bxd, Japanese with Jap 110V PSU & 2 Jap Carts)
  • NES - Micromachines (bxd)
  • 2600: Gakken - Pooyan, Coleco - Donkey Kong (NTSC, grey cart), bxd Kung Fu Master
  • Misc. Items
  • Spectrum: Lightpen (bxd) Anyone want this?
  • Spectrum: Currah Speech Unit (bxd) anyone?

Finds for Weekend 28th & 29th '97

It rained and rained and I found nothing :( Even on Sunday with some fine spells the 2 carboots visited were very poorly attended.
The wettest June in 109 years according to the papers today

Finds for Weekend 21st June, 22nd June '97

More bad weather this weekend and during the week made finding anything hard.
Some really nice mint boxed tabletops made uop for it!

    Tabletop/Handheld Games:

  • Hales: Dracula (Boxed) This is "Epoch: Dracula"
  • Grandstand: Crazy Monster (boxed) This is "Tomy: Mr Woodman"
  • Gakken: Amidar Another variation on the labels on this

Finds for Weekend 14th June, 15th June '97

Erratic weather made this a poor weekend for carboots...
Tried my luck at Brick Lane market on Sunday - no joy - the 2 2600's spotted had already been cleaned of carts
I asked 'any carts with those'? 'nah - sold them to some gezzer last week ' - is this you? :)


  • Innovator Electronics - Deadly Journey
    Triple Arcade (3 screen LCD) (C) VTL 1982 (VTL = VTech?)
  • Nintendo G&W: Lifeboat (boxed)
  • Nintendo G&W Vs: Donkey Kong 3
  • Systems & Carts

  • 8 * 2600 Klax (sw - crushed boxes)
  • GameMate 2 - Wireless 2600 Joysticks

Finds for Weekend 6th June, 7th June '97

More nice Weather this weekend and some good handheld finds!. Consoles are getting very thin on the ground it seems


  • Gakken: Frogger (boxed) (I can now confirm the CGL version is the same)
  • CGL - Super Kong (Gakken - ?)
  • Tomy: Mr Do! (Multicolor Laser 6000)
  • Grandstand: Mini Munchman (Boxed) - another one
  • Nintendo G&W: DK Jr
  • Nintendo G&W: Snoopy Tennis
  • Nintendo G&W: Mickey & Donald
  • Nintendo G&W: Octopus
  • Nintendo G&W: Mario Bros
  • Systems

  • Radiofin: Advanced Programable Video System Model: 1292
  • Radiofin cart 3001 - Pro Sport 60
  • Radiofin cart 3005 - Air/Sea Battle

Finds for Weekend 31st May, 1st June

Nice Weather this weekend and some good finds!. No Carts thou....
Only went to a few local bootsales that were easily reachable by Tube train


  • Entex: Super Cobra
  • Coleco: Pacman
  • Gakken: Amidar
  • VTech: Wild Man Jump ((c)1981)
  • Grandstand: Mini Munchman (Boxed)
  • Nintendo G&W Donkey Kong Hockey VS (Boxed)
  • Nintendo G&W: Snoopy Tennis (Boxed)
  • Systems

  • Coleco - (2)
    Complete & Working (no carts :( )
  • Coleco - Steering Controllers (2)
  • Coleco 2600 Expansion Module
  • Prinztronic Micro 5050 (Boxed + 1 Cart)

Finds for Weekend 24th & 25th May '97 + Bank Holiday Monday 26th

These long Bank Holiday weekends are usually pretty good for finds and this one was no exception especially as the weather was so hot and sunny.
I'd borrowed a car again to reach some more remote bootsales and hit mainly the North West London area.


  • Coleco: Head to Head Football (Soccer)
  • Gakken: Super Cobra (in completely dif. case than other version of this I have)
  • CGL: Earth Invaders
  • CGL: Cosmic Scramble ((c)1982 Hanzawa Corp.)
  • Grandstand: Pocket Scramble ((c)1983 Epoch)
  • Grandstand: Astro Wars
  • Grandstand: Firefox FX
  • Tomy - Alien Attack
  • Tomy - 3DTomytronics Thundering Turbos
  • Tomy - 3DTomytronics Sky Attack
  • Tomy: Caveman (2)
  • Bandai: Champion Racer
  • Nintendo G&W 'Crystal Screen': Ballon Fight (see thru game)
  • Nintendo G&W: Snoopy Tennis (2), Mario Bros, DK Jr, DKong (2), DKong II
  • 2600 Carts

  • 2600 - About 50 carts in all
  • On sat. had my best find of a nice collection of 30+ carts all with manuals and in 2 different 'Cart Holders' (Atari push-button eject type & a wooden box type holder)
  • Nice to get a thick pile of manuals and a few more obscure carts
  • Highlights from this lot were: Tigervision - Jawbreaker, Polaris
  • Skindiver
  • Atari - Asterix
  • Xonox - Spikes Peak, Ghost Manor
  • Other finds over the weekend included...
  • Boxed - PB Sky Skipper, Kaboom, Robotank, Xenophobe (2 - these are everywhere), Joust, Superfootball, Double Dunk, Jr Pacman
  • Activision: Private Eye (white label)
  • Boxed Kids Controller + Alpha Beam Ernie, Big Birds EggCatch (all boxed with mint overlays)
  • Other Carts

  • Videopac - Killer Sattelites
  • NES - Quatro Adventure, DK Classics
  • 7800 - Fatal Run
  • SMS - Maze Hunter 3D, Space Harrier 3D
  • Misc. Items
  • Atari: Trak-Ball
  • NES - Boxed Action Replay

Finds for Weekend 17th & 18th May '97

Another very slooow weekend again, with dodgy weather and the FA Cup Final on Saturday afternoon keeping the punters away.
Again a few odd handhelds I did'nt already have still made it worthwhile looking...


  • Nintendo G&W - Blackjack
  • Nintendo G&W - Crab Grab (Supercolor)
  • Nintendo G&W - Greenhouse
  • Coleco - Quiz Wiz Challenger
  • Systems

  • Atari XE Game System - bought to replace my non-working main unit + 3 XE Light guns (anyone need one?)
  • Misc. Items
  • Stop Thief! - Board Game with Handheld 'crime scanner' game in it

Finds for Weekend 10th & 11th May '97

One of my worst weekends of late - I had no car so was restricted to Carboots reachable by Tube and to make matters worse the Weather in London was very 'patchy' with very few sellers at the the boots I attended...
A few handhelds I did'nt already have were my only highlights...


  • Gakken - Galaxy Invader (The earlier White model)
  • Tomy - Electronic Striker Soccer (2)
  • Grandstand - Scramble (yawn)
  • Nintendo G&W - Octopus (cool! one I didn't already have!)
  • Nintendo G&W - Donkey Kong
  • Systems

  • Nothing :(
  • Carts

  • Grandstand - 'Supersportic'
  • 2600 - 6 commons (and the only 2600 stuff I saw at all)
  • Misc. Items
  • Sinclair - Mini Calculator

Finds for Weekend 3rd & 4th May '97 (+ Monday 5th (Bank Holiday))

Quite a good weekend here for me - I borrowed a car again I order to try and reach some of the boots further from London but again the bad weather meant I had to work quite hard to find what I did...
I tried to get to some bigger field type boots in the Aylesbry/High Wycombe (Bucks) general sort of area but most were very empty or were closed due to 'ground conditions'
Hardly any 2600 stuff out at all - saw maybe 2 consoles the whole weekend and not one new 2600 game. Again the fact that I collect handhelds meant my weekend wasn't so bad.
A heap of NES/SNES/MD/SMS stuff was around but I'm only buying these carts if they are cheap enough.(ie. 2 quid or less)


  • Gakken - Kitchen Panic
  • Tomy - Stunt Bike
  • Tomy - Electronic Striker Soccer
  • Tomy - Caveman
  • Tomy - Alien Attack
  • Tomy - Missle Strike
  • Tomy - 3D Sky Fighters (boxed)
  • Tomy - 3D ??? (maybe Planet Zeon)
  • Grandstand - AstroWars
  • Grandstand - Firefox F-7
  • Entex - Space Invaders
  • Nintendo G&W - Zelda
  • CGL - Frogger
  • CGL/Gakken - Amidar
  • Pocket Simon (boxed)
  • Systems

  • Videopac + 8 Boxed Games (4 quid) My last find on Monday and the first Videopac system I've found..
  • Waddingtons Videomaster - "StarChess" (Boxed + PSU)
    A pretty spacey looking beast this one - I've found the console before but never the all important PSU.... Anyone ever seen any other models in this series???
  • Carts

  • NES - Pinbot,
  • SMS - Speedball2, Operation Wolf
  • GG - Sonic, Super Off Road, Marble Madness
  • Lynx - Super Sqweek
  • SMS - 3D Glasses + Posieden Wars3D
  • Megadrive - 16n1 Pirate Cart
    A weird one this - 13 actual games and all are SMS/Sega Mark III games...
  • Misc. Items
  • UFO Superdrive Pro.6 HyperVersion (18Meg SNES Copier) 10 quid!
    (if anyone knows anything about this model of copier please contact me)
  • Sinclair Flatscreen Pocket B&W TV (broken?)
    (anyone know what sort of AC adapter this needs???)
  • a few misc. old calculators and a few odd leads/joysticks etc

Finds for Weekend 26th & 27th April '97

I was pretty much resigned to having a quiet weekend here as it rained all Saturday.
Sunday morning was still overcast but I decided to go out anyway....
My fortunes soon picked up when my first purchase of the day was a Vectrex for 4!.
If that was'nt enough I soon found a heap of other interesting (and cheap) bits and went home happy with nice pile of goodies.
More of the Salu, Telegames etc boxed 2600 games have surfaced here - it seems someone is clearing stocks of these through market traders.


  • Clever Chicken
  • Gakken - Puck Monster
  • Gakken - Super Cobra
  • Nintendo - G&W Tabletop DKJr
  • Nintendo G&W - DK Jr
  • Systems

  • Vectrex (with Animaction) 4!
  • Ending-Man S-500TM Computer Video Game (Famicom Clone)
  • 2 nice boxed PONGS
  • Carts

  • Coleco - Super Cobra, Space Fury, Cosmic Avenger
  • Boxed 2600 - Acid Drop, Ghostbusters II, Telegames - BumpnJump, Deadly Disks, GX-11. + 10 loose carts
  • Game Gear - G-LOC, Psychic World
  • Misc. Items
  • Halcyon Interactive Laserdisk System Keyboard + NFL overlay
  • Wireless SNES Controllers (1)
  • Issues 1 to 10 of BigK Magazine (1984)
  • 'I Love ATARI' Sportsbag (new)

Finds for Weekend 19th & 20th April' 97

Another quiet weekend with colder weather keeping the booters away. Far to much 'new goods' and clothing on the stalls that were there.


  • Grandstand - Scramble (in mint box)
  • CGL - Galaxy Invader 1000 (yet another one but mint in box)
  • Nintendo Game & Watch Tabletop - DK Jr
  • Grandstand - Crazy Kong

  • Carts

  • Videopac No. 44 Crazy Chase
  • Boxed INVT - Imagic: Atlantis, PGA Golf, Football, Soccer, Space Amada, Baseball, AD&D

  • Consoles

  • INVT (see above for games with this)
  • Binatone Mk10 Pong system (boxed)(Licensed to Magnvox)

Finds for Weekend 12th & 13th April '97

Everything seemed to be very quiet around the carboots this weekend with most of my regular sources having very little of any note.
The bright point was the guy with 5 G&W's for 3 and 10 MSX carts for 2. I also scored a very nice early Lava Lamp for 6


  • Casio - Karate Fight
  • Tomy - 3DTomytronics Thundering Turbos
  • Grandstand - Crazy Kong (2) (Another rebadged Epoch game)
  • Nintendo G&W - Tropical Fish
  • Nintendo G&W - Fire
  • Nintendo G&W - Parachute
  • Nintendo G&W - Greenhouse
  • Nintendo G&W - DK Jr (2)
  • Nintendo G&W - Marios Cement Factory
  • Acetronic - Graduate Chess
  • Carts

  • INVT - Buzz Bombers
  • 10 MSX carts for 2 - Titles are: Midnight Building, Candoo Ninja, Circus Charlie, SASA, Pairs, Breakout, Hypersports2, Marine Battle, Tele Bunnie, Pineapplin
  • TI Cart- Alpiner (+ manual)
  • Game Gear - Wonder Boy
  • Misc. Items
  • Boxed Telesports Pong system + boxed Light Gun (inc. Rifle stock)

Finds for Weekend 5th & 6th April '97

I only attended one carboot on Sat. & one market on sunday as I had a bad cold this weekend, still did'nt do to bad overall!


  • 2600 x 1, INVT x 1
  • 2 Pong systems
  • Handhelds
  • Tomy - Astro Blaster (3)
  • Tomy - 3DTomytronics Thundering Turbos (2)
  • Grandstand - Talking Boxing (Tiger)
  • CGL: Galaxy Invader 1000
  • Bandai = Missle Invader
  • POP Games: Soccer (G&W clone)
  • Carts

  • 2600 - 20 Boxed Games (owner had just removed from SW :( )
  • All carts are 'White Label' versions.
  • Activision(SALU): Double Dragon, H.E.R.O, Keystone Kapers, Tennis, Rampage, Frostbite, River Raid II
  • Telegames: Bogey Blaster, Kung Fu Superkicks, Adventures of GX-12, Deadly Disks, LockNChase
  • Epyx: Winter Games
  • HES: My Golf
  • Absolute: Skate Boarding
  • SALU: Acid Drop
  • CBS: RocNRope
  • Atari - Warlords
  • Pirate Green Labels : Circus, Chess
  • Misc. Items
  • SNES (US version) + 32Meg GDSFVI Backup Unit (+ PSU + NTSC->PAL convertor)

Finds for Easter Weekend '97

3 Days of carbooting and my room now resembles a thrift! I'm going to take days to check/clean/store all this stuff
Some awesome finds and the weather was great!
Upped my 2600 collection to 96 unique games!
An awesome
42n1 Famicom multicart! (Click Here for the List of the Games on it)


  • 2600 x 1, 7800 x 2, INVT x 1 (bought for the games with 'em)
  • Atari XE System (with LightGun) + 11 XE Carts
  • Grandstand 3600 MKII Video Sports Center (Pong system, mint in box)
  • 2 x Gameboys (2 carry cases)
  • Famicon Clone/Pirate system with 42in1 Multicart
  • Handhelds
  • Tomy - Alien Chase
  • Tomy - 3DTomytronics Sky Attack x 2
  • Tomy - 3DTomytronics Shark Attack
  • Tandy - Fire Away
  • Grandstand - 4n1 Game Calculator
  • Grandstand - Pocket Pacman (This is rebadged Epoch Epochman)
  • Microgames - Pacman, Ms. Pacman
  • Gakken - Juggler
  • Bandai - Gunfighter (Again!)
  • Nintendo G&WP - DonkeyKong Jr (Panorama screen)
  • Nintendo G&W - Marios Cement Factory x 2
  • Nintendo G&W - Mickey Mouse
  • Nintendo G&W - Mario Bros x 2
  • Nintendo G&W - Zelda x 3 (1 Mint boxed)
  • The 'Official' Pacman GameWatch x 3 (boxed, old stock circa. '82)

  • Carts

  • 2600 - 48 carts in all (inc. 15 boxed (6 SW), 15 with instructions) Highlights - Klax SW, Xenophobe x 2,Boxed RiverRaid II, Carrera Video - Eggomania)
  • INVT - 5 Boxed
  • 11 XE 8 Bits Carts
  • 13 misc GB carts inc. 2 x 4in1 Pirate Carts
  • 42n1 Famicom multicart!
  • Misc. Items
  • GameGear - Game Genie
  • Megadrive - Action Replay

Finds for Sat 22 (Carboot), Sun 23 (Market) March 1997.

Cor! I had a pretty good weekend with the finds coming thick and fast.
Not many Classic Carts around but the number of rare Handhelds made up for this.
I also finally found a Interton VC4000 with a working power supply!!