The Minerals of Maunganui Bluff,
New Zealand.

How to find the minerals
bluff2 Access
Best at low tide but can be accessed at other times depending on sea conditions. Relatively steep descent down to beach from end of road.

Geopick is fine although a club hammer and chisel maybe required for some of the larger pieces

Boulders are constantly eroding from the bluff and they form a boulder beach below it. Some of the rocks are soft and well weathered. Relatively easy collecting once you are on the beach


More exposures may exist to the North around the headland but access dictated by tide
        View to the South from Maunganui Bluff  - beach
           access is on the left just past the small stream

  1. Usual  precautions when using hammer and chisel especially protection from flying rock chips      
  2. Material may fall from the Bluff 
  3. Watch for waves when working near the shoreline


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