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Ex-RN & RNZN Artificer Apprentices (1952 - 1976)

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"That's Mr. Hinchcliffe," said Pyecroft. "He's what is called a first- class engine-room artificer. If you hand 'im a drum of oil an' leave 'im alone, he can coax a stolen bicycle to do typewritin'."

Traffics and Discoveries
, Rudyard Kipling 1904.

  1. A skilled worker; a craftsperson.
  2. One that contrives, devises, or constructs something: "The labyrinth . . . was built by Daedalus, a most skillful artificer" (Thomas Bulfinch).

NZ News updates
Next Reunion in Ngataringa, Auckland is planned for 15th March, 2008, the registration form can be downloaded here

1/68 Art/Apps (in conjunction with 1/67 and 1/69) are holding their 40th anniversary at McHughs (Cheltenham Kiosk) on the 16 Feb (contact Tim Rapley for details trapleyatxtra.co.nz)
UPDATE Photos from Reunion added to NZ Artificers site at MSN groups

I have started a Artificers photo website at MSN groups http://groups.msn.com/NZArtificers
All of the class photos have been posted and I've added a lot of the names but please check that your classes details are correct and feel free to post more photos. There is also an enlarged set of links to pages associated with Artificers and please add any others you are aware of.

Artificer links
The (RNZN) Ships Co Website Home Page                 http://www.theships.co.nz/
Images of RNZN ships and people                              http://groups.msn.com/RNZN/_whatsnew.msnw
The Fisgard Association                                             http://www.fisgardassociation.org/frameset.htm
Old Caledonia Artificer Apprentices Association           http://www.ocaaa.org/5751.html
HMS Fisgard Series 10 Artificer Apprentices                http://series10.envy.nu/
HMS Fisgard Series 34 (1958)                                    http://www.series34.info/
HMS Fisgard Series 47 (1963)                                    http://www.series47.org.uk/index.htm
HMS Caledonia S50 Collingwood Div                         http://www.collingwood-s50.org.uk/  
HMS Caledonia Class of 1962                                    http://www.hawkedivision.ca/Caledonia_Welcome.htm
HMS Fisgard S61 (1967) Artificer Apprentices            http://www.s61.org/
HMS Collingwood                                                     http://www.royal-navy.mod.uk/server/show/nav.3449
HMS Collingwood Officers Assn                                 http://www.hmscollingwoodofficersassociation.co.uk/index.html
History of WE branch (RN)                                       http://www.hmscollingwoodofficersassociation.co.uk/thegreenie/opening.html
Stories of an Artificer (1949-65)                                 http://fp.shawscorner.plus.com/navy%20days.htm
Canadian Art/App                                                      http://www.torontosun.com/News/Columnists/Strobel_Mike/2006/09/22/1877780.html
Ever wonder about "X's" exam results - check here under Art/Apps!     http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/displaycataloguedetails.asp?CATID=4017&CATLN=3&Highlight=&FullDetails=True&j=1
Engineering Artificer history (RAN site)                       http://www.gunplot.net/engineering/navyengineers.html
Navy links from around the world                               http://www.axfordsabode.org.uk/navlnk09.htm
Unofficial website of the RN                                      http://www.rumration.co.uk/cpgn2/index.php
RN REA 1955 - 1980                                                http://www.hunneybell.com/

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