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New Zealands Flags


All New Zealand Ships: are required to display the New Zealand National flag when signaled to do so by a New Zealand Navy Ship, when berthed or at anchor during daylight hours, and / or entering or leaving any Port, underway in any Port in New Zealand or in the territorial sea of New Zealand; and a Foreign Country.


Definition of a New Zealand Ship: “New Zealand Ship” means a ship that is registered under the Ship Registration Act 1992; and includes a ship that is not registered under that Act but is required or entitled to be registered under that Act:

Definition of “Territorial sea of New Zealand” means the territorial sea of New Zealand as defined by section 3 of the Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone Act 1977:

National flags, house flags and Flag Officer’s flags are traditionally known collectively as colours and are not “flown” but “worn”. Other flags, such as prize flags, racing flags, logo flags, courtesy flags, sponsorship and international code flags, which are not of the suit colours, are “flown”.


The New Zealand Ship Registration Act 1992: Allows New Zealand Ships to fly either the New Zealand Ensign (New Zealand Flag) or the New Zealand Red Ensign.


Club (house) flag may only be worn by a vessel on that particular Club’s Register.


Non New Zealand registered vessels. Owners / Captains should consult the equivalent of the N.Z. Ships Registration Act with regards to their vessels requirements in the particular country, which their vessel is actually registered. It will probably be found it is not too dissimilar to the requirements of New Zealand registered ships / vessels.


The Flag Officers may fly their flag when on board any vessel but only when they are present on board.


The national flag is worn near the stern (but not when racing). The Club flag or Flag Officer’s flag is worn (when not racing) at the main masthead. It may be worn at the starboard crosstree / spreaders when racing in a race controlled by the Club. Others flags should be displayed where they can be best seen.


A widespread practice is for foreign ships to fly the national flag of a host country a ( Courtesy Flag ) as they have become known as. If this flag is flown, it must be flown in a position so as not to confuse / misrepresent the vessel to the observer or mislead the observer that it is a national flag. As National flags are worn near the stern, courtesy flags and other flags are usually flown under the starboard crosstree / spreaders on the mainmast.

The courtesy flag if flown as a courtesy must be on top or the 1st flag if other flags are also flown. The Request for free pratique (Q) coded flag is flown (under the courtesy flag) 2nd flag. Other flown flags (except courtesy, (Q), house, burgee and Flag Officers flags) are flown on the port crosstree.


The starboard rigging is a position of honour with the power of the right and accordingly this is the position (starboard flag halyard) to fly courtesy, (Q) and burgee flags. House and flag officers flags are worn here also as previously mentioned.

Be careful not to fly the (Q) up side down.


Salutes: Slowly lowing to a dip position (approx. 2/3 rds of full hoist) held in such position until the function is acknowledged and returned in the same manner as it was lowered.



New Zealand has well policed fishing areas with strict fishing quotas, bag limits and restricted species as well as strict pollution discharge laws.

For Entry Details into countries in the South Pacific and The hours prior notice that has to be given also.

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