RE    Phillip Ivo Clarke



Phillip Clarke was invited to join my vessel in Rarotonga after an epic voyage from New Zealand to Muroroa, Tahiti, Boro Boro, Rarotonga.


I met Phil Clarke who was extremely concerned about the safety of the vessel he was on and my observation of him was that he appeared to be an experienced, competent, positive and astute sailor.


Having sailed with Phil as Co-Skipper and Navigator from Rarotonga, Nuie, Tonga, North Minerva Reef, North Cape (N.Z.) down to Auckland and he will be continuing on to East Cape, Wellington, across Cook Strait to Nelson, to Greymouth, I have found Phil to be an experienced offshore sailor and Navigator, prudent in decision making, and tactics. Always placing the safety of the vessel and crew his first concern.


I have found Phil a pleasure to have aboard, lifting the spirit of the vessel to a very high degree, which otherwise would have been an arduous voyage. Phil has an easy-going but firm disposition and his capabilities in the galley in all conditions are a treat to experience.


I have no hesitation about endorsing Phil to any future employer, as Skipper or crew position, offshore or inshore for any size vessel that he wishes to make application for.


Phil has additional skills in the area of fund raising, sponsorship, and is a lateral thinker.


I wish Phil the very best in the future and trust, in the event of him being available, he would join my vessel should the occasion arise.




Yours faithfully,





Yacht 55ft  CHIMERA