'The Classics'



'The Classics'
The Band From Gosport, Hampshire ( 1961 -1965 )
Tony Ransley and myself played with before joining
'Simon Dupree & The Big Sound'.

:: Band Members of 'The Classics' ::

Ian Duck. Lead Guitar - Vocals - Harmonica
Paul Spooner. Vocals - Harmonica.
Tony Ransley. Drums.
Peter O'Flaherty. Bass Guitar.

The Classics - 1965
Paul Spooner - Ian Duck - Tony Ransley -
( Lower ) Peter O'Flaherty . 1965.


Early 'Classics'. 1963.

Early Classics - 1963

From left to right. - Don Bonza - Len Woods - Ian Duck - Tony Ransley -
Peter O'Flaherty - Peter Jenkins.

© P.O'Flaherty 2004.

  Tony Ransley and Peter O'Flaherty Peter O'Flaherty Ian Duck
Tony Ransley & Peter O'Flaherty.
Thorngate Hall, Gosport, 1964.

© P.O'Flaherty 2004.
Peter O'Flaherty.
Cellar Club, Poole, 1965.

©P.O'Flaherty 2004.
Ian Duck.
March 1964.

After 'The Classics' disbanded Tony Ransley and myself joined
'Simon Dupree And The Big Sound'
Ian Duck joined 'The Soul Agents'.
Ian then joined 'Hookfoot'.
We all had a lot of fun playing with 'The Classics'.
There's a good few stories to tell about the times we had.
Many are 'X' rated. When I get the time I will relate a few !

Artical about "The Classics" from "Hampshire Magazine" March 1964

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