The 'Simon Dupree & The Big Sound' story continues - 1967

BBC documentary - The Ravers
In 1967 a television production crew from the BBC's
'Man Alive' programme spent a week on the road with us.
They were filming a documentary about groupies called 'The Ravers'.
Today it would be considered a rather tame programme,
but in 1967 it was pretty risqué.
The producer was pushing the BBC's rules on censorship.

We were away from home the evening it was shown on TV so we
arranged to watch the programme on the hotels television before the gig.
We had no idea what the show would be like as they had filmed ten times
the footage that was needed.
When the show was over it was funny as a fight to see some
of the guys rush to the hotels pay-phone explaining to partners
their actions. One of their partners even left home and went
to live with her mother for a while !
We traveled with the roadies in the same van at the time.
A short story - board of this programme is below.

The programme was 28 minutes long, and was filmed in black and white.

It was mainly filmed at the local church hall in Stonehouse Gloucestershire where many
of the top bands of the sixties played, including the 'Swinging Blue Jeans',
'Pinkerton's Assorted Colours', 'Screaming Lord Such' and 'Dave Berry' to name but a few.
( With thanks to Darrell .. ;-)

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The Ravers

BBC's Man Alive
Programme 1967

See Queue
See Audience

The Queue

Derek - Simon Dupree - On Stage

Tony Ransley
See Tonsils

Tony Ransley

The Fans

See Hands
See Shirt

The Hands

Simon Dupree's shirt,
what's left of it !

See Michelangelo's David
See Phil's Hairy Chest

Tony Ransley in the
dressing room after the show,
Brian West in the background.

Phil's hairy chest.

Signing Leg - er um
Sorry see smaller !

Signing a left leg

Not signing a left leg

See Smaller - Ye ha !
See smaller ->

Not signing a right leg

Wot a laugh !

Ah - The money
Might get lucky ?

Into the money

Into the van

Going home at last
No Comment !!

Into the night

Into no comment !

Courtesy of the BBC.
Frames ©BBC The Ravers - 1967.
Man Alive Series

The real stars of the show.
Were are you now, have you had a good life, do you have children, grandchildren ? ...
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E-mail Me and let me know.

( The photo's don't do the
girls justice )
Very nice - See larger
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Ooooh .. You Are Cheeky ...
It's Meeeeee Again !!!
Very cute
I Gets In When I Likes ...
Knew Jeff Beck & The Troggs !!!

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