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New Zealand Art and Crafts

New Zealand Art and Crafts
Hand Built Ceramics
Funky Ceramics
Corrugated Iron Sheep
Polynesian and Maori Art
Pacific Art

New Zealand Arts and Craft

Art by the Sea gallery is a bright, spacious gallery overlooking the Waitemata harbour in Devonport,
Auckland, New Zealand.
Visually exciting and filled with an ever changing selection
of original New Zealand art from all over the country.
With 18 years experience in exhibiting some of
New Zealand's finest art and artists
Art by the Sea is a peaceful, contemplative, emotive
and contemporary New Zealand art gallery.

Adorable Pet Portraits

Pet Portrait of Megan And Casey Pet Portraits Pet Portraits Pet Portraits

Adorable Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits drawn with a passion for animals.
An artist who will create an adorable picture of your
cat, dog, horse, or any exotic pet from your photographs.
I feel that every commission is very special for each client.
A picture of an animal you love is something to treasure
for a long time, so I make a conscious effort to capture the
true likeness and personality of your cherished pet.
I hope that you will be able to see this in the work and
detail that I put into each pet portrait.
Adorable Pet Portraits


Marmalade Skies
Looks at the definitive history of British psychedelia and related
between 1966-70.
Featured are many of the groups and films that
appeared during this wonderful period of time.
Please feel free to contribute or give support to
Marmalade Skies
All are welcome, thanks.
Jim Mac.

Mellotron : - The Ultimate Recordings List

OK, what's this all about ? After seeing a couple of lists of
Albums containing Mellotron
Andy thought he would try to bring the idea up to date
and have a really concerted effort at listing everything Mellotron..
Madness, utter madness. If you knew the number of hours
spent in record shops, on the net, rummaging through
( mostly very understanding ) friends collections,
listening to borrowed album after borrowed album .......
I know it's sad, but it keeps him off the streets....

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Simon Dupree and Elton John in Scotland
Simon Dupree and The Walker Brothers
The Beach Boys UK Tour
Simon Dupree and Jimi Hendrix on German Television
Simon Dupree on the Gene Pitney Tour 1968
Gentle Giant - Progressive Rock of the Seventies
Simon Dupree Discography
Trivia Stories about the band
Band Members
Simon Dupree and The Ravers
The Classics From Gosport

Marmalade Skies Freddie Mills 'Adorable Pet Portraits Mellotron

'Art By The Sea'

Art By The Sea