'Simon Dupree And The Big Sound'
Band Members.

'Simon Dupree' who had the hit 'Kites'. With Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, Beach Boys,
Gentle Giant, Gene Pitney, Walker Brothers and Moles.
With original photographs and stories.

Band Members.
Derek Shulman - Simon Dupree. Lead Vocals.
Ray Shulman. Guitar - Vocals - Violin - Trumpet.
Tony Ransley. Drums - Percussion.
Phil Shulman. Sax - Trumpet - Vocals.
Peter O'Flaherty. Bass Guitar.
Eric Hine. Keyboards - Mellotron.

Manager. John King.
Agent. Arthur Howes.
Publicity. Robin Britton.
Record Label. EMI Parlophone.
Studio. Abbey Road.
Producer. Dave Paramor.
Engineer Peter Vince.
Accountant. Leonard Gold.
Roadies. Brian & Fred West.

Below is a story - board of 'Simon Dupree and The Big Sound' playing
'Thinking About My Life' on the popular German TV show 'Beat Club', 31st December 1968.
At the end of the number Phil jumped up and swung from the scaffolding ( ad lib ).
The producer liked this and left it in.

Beat Club_Germany
Courtesy Of The
"Beat Club"
Simon Dupree_Beat Club

"Thinking About My Life"

Peter O'Flaherty
& Ray Shulman.
Simon Dupree
Simon Dupree_acting
Tony Ransley
Derek Shulman.
Derek Shulman.
Tony Ransley &
Ray Shulman.
Peter O'Flaherty_bass guitar
See Tongue
Ray Shulman
Peter O'Flaherty.
Eric Hine.
Ray Shulman.
Phil Shulman
Phil Shulman
See Tarzan
Phil Shulman.
Phil Shulman.
Phil Shulman.

simon dupree_EMI - Advert   simon dupree

The Best of Simon Dupree
Best of 'Simon Dupree' Germany 1968.
With thanks to 'Joachim Wunschick'

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