Adorable Pet Portraits
Portraits of Pets.


Adorable Pet Portraits.
I can create an adorable pet portrait of your pet.
Pet cat, dog, horse or any exotic pet from your pet
photograph / photographs.
I will capture a true likeness of your pet animal /animals.

Start of cat pet portrait - Sophie

Start of Pet Portrait - Sophie

Above is the start of a cat pet portrait . Below is the finished portrait.
Even though the picture is scanned at a low resolution you will
notice the fine detail of the cat pet portrait.
Dogs and horses are also a favourite of mine and if you have
an exotic pet such as a Tarantula, or per chance a pet Tiger !!
that would be great.
Please just send me the photographs and not the real thing !!


Finished cat pet portrait - Sophie

Finished Pet Portrait of Cat - Sophie

The link below will answer some of the questions that you may have.
How to take the best portraits of your pet, prices of portraits,
about the artist, the process, and my latest pet portraits.
So if you would like a pet portrait, contact me on the Link below.
Adorable Pet Portraits - Link to Home Page


: : : Below are more examples of my pet portraits from photographs : : :


Portrait of Bulldog puppies.

Pet Bulldogs - See Larger Image

Buster --- Blade --- Bonnie --- Bosco --- Brutus --- Butch --- Bessie --- Blaze --- Boscar
( Kennel Club names )

Pet Portrait of my Dog  -  Jazz
Pet Portrait of Dog  -  Ben
Pet Portrait of Dogs - Megan and Casey
Pet Portrait of Dog - Beavis
Pet portrait of my dog
Portrait of Ben
Portrait of
Megan & Casey
Pet portrait of Beavis

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