Jimi Hendrix on German Television

The Simon Dupree and the Big Sound story continues ...


Unfortunately I can't say that I knew Jimi Hendrix, but
Simon Dupree and The Big Sound played at the same venue with Jimi Hendrix three times.
One Gig stands out in particular .....

We did a German Television show with the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
This show also included Sandie Shaw and Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen.

The show went out live to air at 6pm.

Jimi Hendrix did his first rehearsal, playing one of his hits Purple Haze.
He played with his usual erotic movements and sexual innuendo ...

Half way through the number the German stage manager,
arms waving in the air, stopped Jimi playing, shouting 'Nein Nein'.... !
Jimi came to grinding halt.
The stage manager explained that the show was live to air,
and his act wasn't appropriate for that time of the evening.

The next four rehearsals Jimi Hendrix played it dead straight,
with hardly a movement.

Having five rehearsals before a show was unusual in itself.
Apparently the producers were charging people to get in to watch.
They cleared the audience out after each rehearsal, then charged
them again to get back for the next ... !

The show went out live at 6pm. Jimi Hendrix was on last.

Jimi played 'Purple Haze', which was being transmitted live to air.

He played with even more erotic movements and sexual innuendo
than he did at the first rehearsal when he was stopped by the stage manager !!!

The German television producer had two choices.
Turn the transmission off, or let Jimi Hendrix play on.

He let Jimi Play on. Good On Yer Jimi ......

Jimi Hendrix One - - - German Television Nil ...!!

© Peter O'Flaherty. 2004.

Jimi Hendrix  
  Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix  
  Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix  

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