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Obesity Law Center Walt Lindstrom, founder of the Obesity Law Center is an obesity surgery patient himself. He is a relentless and compassionate campaigner of behalf of obesity surgery patients, and others facing discrimination because of their obesity. This is a commercial service, but many satisfied customers agree that it offers great value. If you've had surgery denied try Walt. If you are just investigating read his info on how to get approved.

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Join The original email support list for obesity surgery patients.
I started this in April 1997 after I had my surgery. At that stage it was under a different name and on a different server. I moved it to Onelist in June 1998. The growth is unbelievable.
There is now a great panel of moderators who moderate this full time to prevent the list getting carried away. Even so it's quite high volume.
Both before and after surgery this list is there to help and encourage.


JoinA Onelist list for members of OSSG who want to tell jokes and chat off-topic.

Weightloss emotional

JoinFor those who have had weight loss surgery (gastric bypass, VBG ..) or have lost significant amounts of weight. We will discuss topics based on your emotional life changes as a result of losing the weight.

Some Other Email Lists

The lists listed below are not the limit of the lists available.
Inclusion in this list, or omission from it does not imply a judgement of any kind about the list.
I have made a decision not to include any regional lists here. There are many of these run through Onelist, some more active than others. Go to and search on OSSG to find most of these.


JoinThis is a support group for people who have had an Adjustable Gastric Band implanted (SAGB or Lap Band) and for those who are investigating this new type of minimally invasive surgery for the severly obese.


JoinA recipe exchange for both pre-ops and post ops. Recipes can be sent in any format. This list places special emphasis on low-fat and low-sugar recipes!! For more information,


JoinThis list is an unmoderated form of the Obesity Surgery Support Group. This list will deal with all aspects of Obesity Surgery and all are welcome to participate.


JoinFor weight loss surgery Christian issues, a place to share, pray and let your hair down.


JoinThis list is for the discussion of the Vertically Banded Gastroplasty, one of the options available for bariatric surgery.
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