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Fred and Clancy

This is our long-haired Chihuahua, Payco's Clancy, normally just known as Clancy. We got him in March 1997, but he was born on August 3, 1994. Three days after we brought him home the rogue slipped out through a small gap under the front gate and took off down the road at 30 miles per hour and dissappeared into the bush. For anyone who isn't familiar with the sort of scrubby bush which exists in New Zealand even on the outskirts of the city, it's not a good place for a little dog to be. It's true that there are no animals more dangerous than a stray cat or dog, but the vegetation can be quite thick, with a mixture of New Zealand natives such as manuka, and imported brushweeds such as blackberry and gorse. It's quite impassable for humans without the aid of a machete. There was no chance of searching for a little dog. For two days we brooded, put notices in the street and in letter boxes. We drove up and down the street looking. Two days later Clancy wandered in jumped up on the sofa and snuggled up to Freddy as if he had never been away. Normally though Clancy is a timid little dog. We had him for two weeks before I heard him bark. He doesn't seem to realise what a cat is, let alone being prepared to see one off, and he sits and trembles at the sight of a visitor.

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