Henree Guberglebonk is Dead!

Who was Henree Guberglebonk???

13 August 1998
Exclusive sketch uncovered..

29 August 1998:
Henree's life unfolds, more info revealed..

12 October 1998:
Henree's influence on sport discovered..

LATEST UPDATE: 19 July 1999:
Some family history revealed...

Who *WAS* Henree??



Who was Henree Guberglebonk? : He was the last of the Neanderthals. He lived in a remote valley in Fiordland in the lower South Island of New Zealand. The valley was cut off from time and the so-called advancements of society. Though he did manage to procure some essentials from time to time from the nearby Haast Hotel. His chickens were small Moas (also presumed extinct) and the introduced Moose was his cow herd. The New Zealand Eagle he used as a watchdog and with its help he was able to hide from prying eyes. The only setback in Henree's long and happy life was that there were no females to share with him, but then maybe that's why he was so happy :) Generally Henree would not have fitted into our civilised society at all well... mind you he would have been a good bouncer at a nightclub, afterall who would have argued with someone build like a wrestler and twice as strong as any modern man. Generally though he was happier in his valley away from the speed and hassles that we put up with during our lives. If I disappear sometime you know I have found his valley and decided to go there...

Henree's People have lived in New Zealand for 1000's of years. They were a light skinned race, being adapted to the cold times of the ice age. When the first new immigrant arrived about 1000 years or so ago, his people hid from them and it is doubtful that the polynesians were even aware of their existance. Though one theory is that they interbred with the early people and produced the quite distinctive Moriori of the Chathams. When the white man arrived in the late 1700's early 1800's the true people (as they refered to themselves) had retreated to several valleys in Fiordland. Even though they had little or no contact with the Europeans, the animals they introduced soon carried diseases to them and having no resistance they were all but wiped out. Henree could speak english rather well, having taught himself by listening to the crystal set he had built around 1930. He had apparently been quite a beachcomber in those days and had once found a box of early science journals with many useful tools in it. His native language seemed to have had many Germanic and Nordic elements in it.

Henree in the late 1600's was a young fit man and his way of catching Moa's (a large flightless bird) was to chase and tackle them around the legs...There is some evidence to suggest that one of the sailors on Cook's Endevour saw this and that it later led to the same practice in the great game of Rugby. Henree was a great joker and loved throwing large rocks to his friends when they least expected it, this may have been observed as well of course :).

Recently some of my own family history has come to light... It starts in New Zealand or as it was known then Staten Landt... The dates given here are guesses only from tracing back through Henrees family. It seems that Henree was actually born around 1650 or so not long after Able Tasman sighted New Zealand.. The legend of Henrees people is that they lived south of what was later to become a gold town by the name of Charleston. However sometime in the early 1600's as we measure time they sited two large ships and hid from them. The eyesight of these people was much superior to ours and they were able to determine that they were of the people they feared throughout their history. This sighting caused them to retreat south into the wilds of fiordland to try and escape. It was about this time that Henree himself was born. It also seems that sometime in the late 1600's a French ship visited New Zealand, they pulled into we can guess as Dusky Sound to refit and water their badly damaged ship, it seems that Henree's people met them and made friends with them, Henrees's younger brother chose to go with them when they left. Somewhere out in the Pacific they struck a large storm and lost all sense of where they had been. They made landfall somewhere in Indonesia with only Thorild (Henree's brother) and the captain surviving. However such was the trauma that the captain had lost his memory and of course Thorild was no navigator so the authorities had no idea what had happened or where they had been. They were taken back to France and Thorild was adopted into an aritocratic French family by the name of Le Blanc. Thorild had learned to speak fluent french on the journey and being highly intelligent soon merged with the society, though he kept the secret of his origins and was determined to find his way home one day. Thorild was like all his people exceptionally long lived and survived at least until the French Revolution in 1789 if not longer, about this time the Le Blancs seeing the way the world was developing chose to leave France and sailed to Ireland, legend has it that Thorild now called Jean Le Blanc sailed with them.

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