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What is Retro? What is Retro?
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What is Retro?

Retro is a fast paced, free-scrolling arcade shoot em up, full of dangerous enemies, cool player ships, destructive and gratuitous weapons, foolishness, and cartoon violence. It also features a variety of mission types, computer controlled friendly ships, wingpersons, and a fully featured level/episode editor for long-lasting appeal.

Retro features a stunning full 2D scrolling game environment in screen resolutions as low as 320 x 200, 8 bit sound, MOD format digital music, fully sprite based graphics, and a simple (read: non-existent) storyline. Gameplay rules supreme in the world of Retro, although some attention has been paid to graphics and other aesthetic features. Such as 48 point rotation on most sprites, raytraced player and enemy graphics, a snazzy intro FLI and more.

Basically, Retro is a thrust style shoot em up with all the features you always longed for in the past -
  • heaps of ships to fly
  • vast selection of weapons
  • variety of objectives
  • friendly ships that fight with you
  • big explosions and loud bangs
  • amusing and obscure features