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Screenshots and Stuff

Here are some new screenshots.

At a friendly base, loading up with weapons.
Screen shot 1.

Flying the Galleon, taking out some Navarone class sentry guns.
Screen shot 2.

Spot the land mines. This is the result of a good mine-drop
Screen shot 3.

Mooching along past an industrial complex.
Screen shot 4.

Flying the UFO, using plasmoids to surround and destroy a Gnat helicopter.
Screen shot 5.

Using far too many light frag bombs to kill a couple of soldiers.
Screen shot 6.

Just dropped a neutron bomb. Running away before it explodes...
Screen shot 7.

On foot, using a flame thrower to incinerate grunts.
Screen shot 8.

Piloting a recon drone. It's about to get nailed by that Terrapin tank.
Screen shot 9.

Flying the Nodule, sending a swarm of hunting missiles towards an unfortunate Gnat helicopter.
Screen shot 10.

Flying the Nodule, setting up a Plasma Storm temporary missile barrier.
Screen shot 11.

On foot, about to use a local teleporter.
Screen shot 12

Just stepped out of a teleporter to face some soldiers.
Screen shot 13.

Flying the Galleon, dropping some smart bombs on a Leatherback jeep and some troops.
Screen shot 14.

The hangar menu, where ships are bought and sold.
Screen shot 15.

The armoury menu. Lots of expensive hardware on show.
Screen shot 16.