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Last updated: January 2, 2004

Find the optimal dexterity (dex) value for inflicting the most damage, while allowing the maximization of strength (str) and intelligence (int).

1) All equations used are from the stratics combat page
2) No resistences, dodges, or misses are calculated into the damage values show in the graphs below. I am dealing with ideal damage here to keep things simple.

FIGURE 1 Graph showing swing speed and damage per minute based on a characters stamina.

There are a few key points about this graph:
1) As stamina increases, final swing delay decreases (A GOOD THING). Final swing delay is the time between swings of a weapon. Low number means you hit more times in a set amount of time thus doing more damage.
2) As stamina increases so does damage per minute.
3) The curve has "flat" regions that increase in size (stamina range) as stamina increases.

When optimizing your character to deal maximum damage, it is the flat areas of Figure 1 that must be considered. When you see a flat region (plateau) on the Figure it means increasing stamina in that region WILL NOT produce an increase in either weapon speed OR damage over time. These areas basically can be used to determine how "far" it is (in terms of dex increase) before you get a gain in damage output over time.

Obviously, each player would like to enter their own information and generate a graph as in Figure 1 so they can see the flat regions for their individual template. The link below is to an excel spreadsheet that will generate Figure 1 after you enter you character information!

Eureka! I think I understand why OSI has these flat regions now! I have been thinking about it for awhile and it stands to reason that since stamina can decrease and increase during a battle it would be nice to still allow some consistent damage output over a given range of stamina values.

What this means...if you pick a dex value at the right end of a plateau, then you can lose X stamina before your damage starts to decrease! So, the longer the flat region, then more constant your damage output will remain as your stamina goes up and down! Pretty neat.

October 9, 2003

Good archery gaining method using green thorns...Tentacles have a 70 wrestling so they should be good for gaining, when your skill is between 60 and 80.  Very little risk involved which is nice PLUS just load up arrows and go unattended until the tentacle disappears, then just rinse and repeat! 

Thanks to Silence over at UOPG for this one!