This page contains macro information for making the repetitive tasks required in UO a thing of the past. Some scripts may do other things as well as just automating repetitive tasks.

SPOILER: Illegal methods MAY be posted ...

Last updated: January 2, 2004

Houses are falling! The details of the final Phase III implementation are still confusing, and for that matter how much of phase III is currently active is unknown, but houses are indeed falling. Here is alittle EUO script that makes a bell noise and spams some text when you run by a house that is somewhat, greatly or IDOC. Makes looking for the little buggers easier at least.

October 7, 2003

A bug with L4/5 tmaps?  Surprise, surprise.  No wonder L3 maps gave the same loot as the L4/5 maps.  Better get those Thunter characters completed now.  I am sure pub21 is just a few weeks away *LMAO*  If you need to work lockpicking, check out this EUO script.

In case ya didnt know, GM poisoning allows your GM mage to cast some kick-ass poison fields!  Great for use at champ spawns and for PvP even.  A nice EUO script to gain poisoning.

September 18, 2003

OK.  I do not consider myself the ultimate EasyUO scripter, but I have found a few neat scripts and modified them somewhat.  I did not write these from scratch, but have modified most of them.  I have posted them here for you to use if you want.  All you have to do is copy & paste the text into EasyUO and you are ready to go!  The first one I use alot is an auto-looter script.  Just be standing next to the monster when it dies, and this handy script will auto-open the corpse and loot the gold, putting it into a pack you specify.  Another nice script is a vendor browser.  Just start this baby up and open that vendor pack containing a pile of 100 rings and enter a search string to find rings matching whatever you are looking for.  I always hate having to calculate the resistences and other item stats I am wearing.  Here is a script that will calculate the stats from any paperdoll that is opened prior to running the script.

VIRTUAL MONEY MAKING TIP OF THE WEEK: hunt Doom bosses.  For the time I spent doing it, I scored three artifacts, which sold for a combined value of 22 million gold ($US330.00)!  Like all new features in a virtual world, the "newness factor" only runs a limited amount of time.  In another 6 months I will probably only get 5 million for the same artifacts!  Why?  Because as the number of artifacts increases the value will depreciate.

UOMart has a new look!  Nothing flash...yet...but it gets the job done.  I am working on my own blog similar to Julian Dibbell's blog about making money selling online game items, only mine is based on years of experience.  Not some greenhorns "pie in the sky" observations about the industry.  So, stay tuned.

Also in development is a skills area.  O gawd!  Another skills page.  Well I agree there are many skill pages on the web, but my page is different because not only will I explain each skill and how it works, I also tell you the best way to gain in the skill.  But wait, there is more...I also will provide you with links to all the other skill pages that I feel are good to look at as well!!!  I am hoping my skills area will be your first stop, and save you time looking for other skill sites by providing the links for you.  What a nice guy I am *laugh*

As a teaser here is something I worked up for a friend trying to gain in parry.  Give it a go and see how it works for you!  I made it from 108 to 120 parry in 6 hours using this method, and best of all it is pretty much unattended (but ssshh dont tell OSI)!

In the news...LUCK!  I have be giving some thought to this mysterious feature of UO and how it really works or does not work!  You can read some of my musings over at the UOPG forums and read how to get the best loot for your time here.  All of this is still a work in progress, and any useful information you would like to add can be sent to me via email or ICQ.