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Other Dialog Scripts/Examples:

This section has been moved from the main dialog.html page as to speed up the time it takes for your browser to completely download the file. List is in reverse alphabetical order :)

Web Search:

This script by PsychoGuy uses a dialog to enter a search query and then open your browser at a search engine of your choice (Search engines supported include Altavista, Yahoo!, InfoSeek and Many More). This script is a good example of dialogs potential. To activate it, once loaded into remotes, type /wwwsearch. Download Here.

Misc Dialog Aliases:

This selection of aliases by Pasmal allows you do cut down on some repetitive /did coding. Also included is an alias that creates a type of "fx" when a dialog window is opened. An animation if you will. Download Here. The first alias, /mdid, has no use anymore in mIRC 5.6 with the same functions added to the built in /did command.

GUI Kick/Ban:

This script by Pasmal uses a dialog to easily customise a kick/ban.  Options include: optional kick, optional ban, adjustable ban mask, customisable preset kick reasons,Optional URL. To use it, once loaded into remotes, a new item in your nicklist should appear. Its called Special KB. Click on it and the dialog window  will open. You can also change the preset kick reasons and other options in a Special KB menu in your Menubar. Download Here.

Flood Protection:

This script by Pasmal lets you protect yourself and channels against flooding. The flood types are: Channel Text,Private Text,Channel Notice,Private Notice,Channel CTCP,Private CTCP,Nickname. You change the settings via two dialog windows - one for the actual sensitivity & reponse to floods, the other lets you choose what channels to run this script in. Once loaded a new popup in your Status, Channel and Menubar will appear, called Flood Protection. Download Here.

Filter Editor:

This script by Pasmal demonstrates some of the new loadbuf and filter abilities, which allow the use of dialogs. Download Here.

Email Checker:

This script by Pasmal uses dialogs as the main interface to setup and check pop3 email accounts. You can have multiple profiles, and view individual messages. The script is also able to autocheck a preset profile every once in a while to check for new email. Once loaded into your remotes, a new menu in your Status and Menubar popups is created, called Email Checker. Download Here.


This script by Pasmal uses dialogs in an auto join script, which joins certain channels when you connect to an IRC server. The channels do not have to be the same with every server, this is where the dialog comes in, allowing the user to easily customise the script. Once loaded into remotes, a new menu in your Status popups is created, called AutoJoin. Download Here.

Have a dialog script you think may be helpful for others to use/examine? Email Me and we may add it to the examples section.

Animation Example:

This is just a simple example script designed to show you how you can put animations into your dialogs using icons. This example script has an animation of a alien walking on the spot. More about it can be found in the Scripting Tips section. Download 26k Zip Here. NOTE: This will flicker. If you wish to hide some of the flickering, place a black bmp as a 'base' image for the animation.

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