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Ochre and Shiloh (on right) at home in Nelson


Shiloh - Wynyard Lord Szylow - is a Hungarian Vizsla recently owned by Julian Stephens (currently in Europe). Shiloh lived for two years in a loving foster home after Julian left, but is now living permanently with Rob & Sue McKee in Nelson, who adopted him in July 1998. During his time in Wellington Mike Butler and Peter de Wit ran him in agility and with Shiloh's help Zone 3 Dog Agility Club won the second division of NALA (Agility Link) competition for 1996/97, and are now a first division team. The Wellington Hurricanines also took fourth in the flygility that year.

Shiloh has completely settled into his new home in Nelson, where he lives on a large apple orchard. He has a companion Vizsla, Ochre (Abody Ochre of Debrecan) who is 5 years old and they keep one another company. Rob McKee has been having fun running him in agility and although Shiloh is a dedicated "contact misser" they are starting to work together as a team.

Just recently Shiloh and Rob competed in Christchurch where he gained a challenge by winning the Senior Championship Event, and a 2nd in Intermediate. With more intensive training on contacts Rob is looking forward to having more success with Shiloh, he is a wonderful addition to Sue & Rob's family and a great asset to the Nelson Canine Obedience Club.

Shiloh appears in the December 96/January 97 of The Vizsla Newzsletter of New Zealand .

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Shiloh's Recent Results

Avalon Canine Obedience Club November 1996: 2nd Senior
Kapiti Dog Obedience Club 18th January 1997 2nd Senior
Zone 3 Dog Agility Club - February 1 & 2 1997: 1st Senior3 (handled by Perter De Wit) 5th Senior1
Zone 3 Dog Agility Club - 1st March 1997 1st Intermediate, 2nd Senior, 2nd Jumpers (handled by Peter De Wit)
Wairarapa Dog Obedience Club - 22nd March 1997 3rd Senior
Horowhenua Obedience Dog Training Club 26th April 1997 1st Senior, 3rd Intermediate
North Taranaki Canine Obedience Club 14th June 1997 1st Flygility Teams (handled by Vicki Hanley)
North Taranaki Canine Obedience Club 15th June 1997 1st Intermediate
Zone 3 Dog Agility Club - 11 October 1997 1st Open Jumpers
Zone 3 Dog Agility Club - 15 November 1997
         1st in Senior, 3rd in Snooker and 4th in Advanced Jumpers (handled by Peter de Wit)
Wairarapa Dog Obedience Club - 23rd November 1997 2nd Senior
Zone 3 Dog Agility Club - 31 January 1998 3rd in Senior & Advanced Jumpers !st February 1998 2nd Senior (handler by Peter De wit)
Blenheim Canine Obedience Club 4th in Senior 6 December 1998 (Rob McKee)
Nelson Canine Obedience Club 2nd Senior 5 December 1998 (Rob McKee)
Canterbury CATS 1st Senior (CC) 6 February 1999 (Rob McKee)
Canterbury CATS 2nd Intermediate 6 February 1999 (Rob McKee)

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