(a) Titles will be based on the acquiring of points gained through the winning of a heat in a Knock-Out Race held at an officially sanctioned Tournament subject to the strict condition that only NZFDA registered dogs, handled by fully financial members,  will get such points, irrespective ot what other handlers or dogs may be in the team..

(b) Points will be awarded if both Judges are members of the NZFDA Judge and provided that at least four teams compete. All the teams may be from the same group or club.

(c) Each dog in any team winning a heat of a K.O. at any level (Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced) will be credited with 1 point.

(d) The Judge's Result Sheet for each K.O. race will record the names of every team that competed in the first round of the race and the number of points credited to each.

16.2 COMPETITORS LOGBOOK The owner of each registered dog will purchase from the NZFDA a Logbook in which will be recorded the points gained in any class (other than Novelty). Each entry will be countersigned by the Course Judge for that class. When the Logbook's total reaches the required total for a title, the Logbook will be forwarded to the NZFDA Secretary. Entries will be checked against official records and, if accurate, a title will be awarded.


(a) To be eliglble to be awarded the title Flygility Dog (FD) a dog will have to have accumulated 20 points , 7 of which must have been gained at the Intermediate level.

(b) For the title Flygility Dog Excellent (FDX) a dog will have to accumulate 50 points (i.e. a further 30 points after the FD), 15 of which must have been gained at the Advanced level.

(c) For the title of Flygility Dog Champion (FDCh) a dog will have to accumulate 100 points (i.e. a further 50 points after the FDX) , 35 of which must have been gained at the Advanced Level.

(d) This formula for titles will be reveiwed every two years, to ensure that, as standards improve and the sport develops, the titles retain challange and prestige value.

(e) As the sport develops, consideration will be need to be given to Team Awards and Flygility Group or Club Awards.

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