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Karen De Wit, 39 Dowling Grove, Silverstream, UPPER HUTT
Phone: (04)528-6796
Fiona Ferrar, 53 Balmerino Crescent, Pukete, HAMILTON
Zone 1 Sub-editor:
Ron Frater, 155 Robson Rd, RD 10, HAMILTON
Zone 2 Sub-editor:
Fiona Hodgson, PO Box 38, Napier
Email: kaeloch@CLEAR.NET.NZ
Zone 3 Sub-editor:
Allan Rohde, 17 Parker St, CARTERTON
Email: mark.iii@CLEAR.NET.NZ
Zone 4 Sub-editor:
Steve Tansey 29 Armitage St, CHRISTCHURCH
Zone 5 Sub-editor:
Darrell Thomson, 44 Peter St, DUNEDIN
Agility Results Recorder:
Ian Barclay, 11 Huia St, ROTORUA
Flygility Results Recorder
Julia Crouch, 433 Wellington Rd, MARTON
Web Page Editor:
Mike Butler, 146 Clyde St, Island Bay
Phone: (04)383-8143



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Membership Fees

Membership fees allow members to compete in NALA competition and include the cost of the NALA Newsletter which is published each month except January. All members may also attend and vote at NALA General meetings. All fees are in New Zealand Dollars. For the year April 2000 to March 2001 rates are:


$16.50 each bulk posting, 5 or more copies, to one New Zealand address
$22.00 each posting of less than 5 copies within New Zealand
$33.00 Australia
$44.00 USA, Canada, Great Britian
$11.00 each extra family member (no newsletter)



The partner/child of a member may join as an extra family member, with full rights but no magazine.

Part subs:

For new members joining later in the year payment will be only for those months remaining in the year to and including March, but excluding January when there will be no issue.
$1.50 per month bulk posting within New Zealand
$2.00 per month single posting within New Zealand
$3.00 per month Australia
$4.00 per month USA, Canada, Great Britiain
$1.00 per month extra family member



All payments in New Zealand Dollars to the Treasurer.

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