Trust Only This Face

Trust Only This Face: Front Cover


The Players
'follow your favourites'

Dereck Champion - drums
John Royden Kennedy - drums
Jenny Ward - vocals
Francis Krisinich - saxophone
Paul Sutherland - turntables
David Donaldson - double bass
Anthony Donaldson - drums
Michael Kime - bass
Marc Howe - electric bass
Nico Boelee - vocals
Steve Roche - trumpet
Greg Malcolm - guitars / vocals / bass

This CD was made possible by generous financial assistance of Creative N.Z.

The Songs
(mp3 player required to hear samples)

  1. Traditional New Zealand Folk Song (1.04, 312KB)
  2. 2000 TVs
  3. So Big
  4. The Ballad of Peter Plumly Walker
  5. Plumbing (1.04, 312KB)
  6. Tune Up / Body and
    (1.04, 312KB)
  7. Modern Art Series 1 2 3
  8. Sentimental Mood
  9. Brown Finger
  10. Free Electric Band
  11. What Have They Done? (trad.)
  12. Competition for the Arthur Fonzarelli of Rock 'n' Roll
  13. Lonely Woman (live solo)
  14. Rambling Man
  15. Game
  16. My Song
  17. The Dog Stories
  18. Free Electric Bland (extended dense mix)
  19. Music Not Done Properly (how to do it)
    (0.55, 270KB)
  20. Acoustic Improvisation
  21. Turning out all Wrong (trad.)
  22. Someone Has Just Died In My Living Room
  23. Knight Rider
  24. Black Guitar Impro
  25. It's a hobby
  26. Body and Soul
  27. Modern Art Series 4
  28. Good Night Kiwi

Traditional New Zealand Folk Song

A field recording of a traditional New Zealand folk song. Played in the old style by a modern revival band. Nowadays these bands play only to tourists and even then are facing extinction. Here the singers are asking "What have they done?" perhaps commenting on the lack of interest in the old music and the disappearing culture. Note this traditional version features record noise included for added authenticity.


2000 TVs

2000 TVs


This song features contemporary concepts, like the graphic score. Malcolm states: "In an effort to avoid the traps of traditional notation, I developed a more open way of scoring, not a strict series of notes and rhythms to play but rather a guideline which directs the musicians towards a common goal.

The pornographic score
Score and rules shown below

The conductor gives entry signs in such a manner that at the beginning only a few players are active, but they occasionally play from all three sheets at once. In this way formal sections can be articulated. An effective final climax can also be made. Musical graphics, diametrically opposed to precise instruction as they are, strive to stimulate without constricting the imagination. The initiated can enjoy them simply as reading material, their interpretive possibilities having an enduring effect. PICKING UP GIRLS CAN BE AS EASY AS OPENING A BEER! Museum Pick Up. Museums are loaded with pretty long-haired art students. Find out how you can have as many as you want. Giggle Voicelessly. 697 Rub swiftly. All dynamic instructions are merely indications, because we do not possess an organ which measures volume exactly. 543 Symbol for basic pulsation 534 As fast as possible Score with strip Rub swiftly and irregularly Picking up girls made easy

Music Not Done Properly
(How to Do It)

Music Not Done Properly (How to Do It) is an instructional sound work that teaches the listener how to do something not very well.

This lesson is taught by combining instructional records "Sounds for Success", "Music Minus One", and "Golf" with the artist's own distinctive play-along technique.

Music Not Done Properly is a direct response to his own experience where music he likes differs from the norm, the only plausible explanation is that the music must be wrong.

Music Not Done Properly is a humourous way to explain the intrinsic interest and beauty of non-formula music and to reinforce the validity of different approaches.

Perhaps the golf instructor sums it up best; "I have not asked you to swing like me, I have tried to direct you to swing in a manner most natural to you."

The Competition for the Arthur Fonzarelli of Rock 'n' Roll

One of the great things about television in New Zealand is that it represents such a broad cross-section. A classic example of this is Happy Days. There are enough different characters in Happy Days to have everyone you know represented by one character and the only people who disagree are the Ralphs.

Lou Reed

Lou Reed with Syringe

This is the competition for the Arthur Fonzarelli of Rock 'n' Roll

And there're 2 prizes for this:

Prize number A) which is a chocolate fish & Prize number B) which is a used syringe.

But anyone with enough street cred to know who the real Arthur Fonzarelli of rock 'n' roll is would be left with only one real choice - that's the chocolate fish.

Study these pictures and complete the voting form below

Who is the Arthur Fonzarelli of Rock 'n' Roll?

A) David Bowie
B) Chris Knox

C) Lou Reed
D) Graham Brazier

E) Who is Arthur Fonzarelli?

Is everybody happy then???

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