Such 'n' Such

In 1995 Greg Malcolm and Jenny Ward formed Such 'n' Such, a children's musical theatre duo. Such 'n' Such toured throughout New Zealand and performed over 350 children's shows in schools, kindergartens and early childhood centers. "Call Such and Such" was recorded to provide a purely audio representation of the show.

"Call Such and Such" is a children's tape which adults can enjoy. It is sonically varied, unlike much of the mundane music that saturates the children's market.

"Call Such and Such" consists of songs, stories and skits, ranging from the honey bees story to a song about growing birds from bird seed. The tape features various musical instruments including xylophone, trumpet, bass and drums and of course some wicked dive bombs and wacky vocals. The music is layered and has a depth which lends itself to repeated listenings.

Have a listen to these samples
(requires an mp3 player):

The Garden (1.04, 313KB)
The Honey Bee (1.04, 313KB)


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