Celebrate Psi Phenomenon 2006

Swimming In It
Kraak 2005

International Domestic
Corpus Hermeticum/039 2003
(Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, and Bruce Russell)

Homesick For Nowhere
Corpus Hermeticum/039 2002
(Jenny Ward)

Proper Records 2000
(Matt Gibb, Marc Howe)

What is it Keith?
Proper Records 2000
(Tony Buck, Leo Bachmann, Jenny Ward, Jon Rose, Joe Williamson)

Trust Only This Face
Braille Records 12 1995
(Jenny Ward, John Kennedy)

You are Here and Don't Make Noise
(John Kennedy, Paul Sutherland)

Call Such 'n' Such Children's Tape
(Jenny Ward)



2004 to 2006

  • Solo exhibition 'Malcontent' High Street Project Christchurch
  • Musical director/musician in the Christchurch theatre company The Clinic's Cyrano de Bergerac, January 2006.
  • 6 week European Tour Nov-Dec 2005
  • Recording project with Tetuzi Akiyama at Extrapool - Njmegen Holland Nov 2005
  • Swimming in It - Vinyl release with Belgium label Kraak. 2004
  • Performed at Static Mansion - a four part sound performance series. Played in duo with Rosy Parlane
  • Performed at Australia's What is Music Festival in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane March 2005.
  • Lines of Flight - a festival /experimental music and video. Part of Dunedin Fringe Festival 2004.
  • Surfing USSR performed at the programme launch of the Dunedin Fringe Festival.
  • Trambience - a duo environment art performance on the Christchurch tram. Performed with Chris O'Connor and in conjunction with the Physics Room.
  • Performed at Static Mansion - a four part sound performance series. Played in duo with Rosy Parlane.
  • Music Not Done Properly a sound work was exhibited at the High Street Project as part of a Sounding Board.
  • Played as part of the Bomb the Space Festival 2004. Including duos with Alan Licht and Chris O'Connor.
  • Played numerous gigs with Surfing USSR including Bar bodega, Dux de Lux, Wunderbar.
  • Comissioned to create a 15 minute documentary on his Homesick for Nowhere Tour for National Radio's The Mix.
  • Exhibited a video art installation New Zealand idle at High Street Project as part of Mr and Mrs Pink's Fantastic Collection.
  • Performed in Auckland May 2nd as part of the Acroma Series. S.C.A.P.A


  • Toured Homesick for Nowhere to Europe and performed 23 concerts in 8 European countries including Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and England. Extrapool: Nijmegen (Holland) 15.11.0 Instants Chavirés Paris (France) 21.11.03 Louvain La Neuve (Belgium) 26.11.03 K-RAA-K3 Ghent (Belgium) 27.11.03 De Garage Den Hague (Netherlands) November 29th Platenworm Groningen (Netherlands) 3.12.03 Zakk Club Bremen 4.12.03 Silke Arp Brecht Hannover 6.12.03 Astra-Stube Hamburg 8.12.03 Radio Art Festival Berlin 12.12.03 Buchandlung 17.12 .03 Kikker Utretch (Netherlands)
  • Performed solo at the Film Archives Festival in Wellington.
  • Solo programme performance at Happy as part of the Bomb the Space Festival.
  • Performed solo at the Solten Festival in Auckland.
  • Surfing USSR toured 10 rural South Island centres in March as part of the Arts on Tour programme.


  • Recorded World of Sound for Radio New Zealand RMP programme aired December 2002.
  • Released Homesick for Nowhere on Corpus Hermeticum.
  • Toured Homesick for Nowhere performed at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Waikato Museum of Art and History, Adam Art Gallery and Lines of Flight festival.
  • Performed with Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama and Bruce Russell at the Physics Room and Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

1999 - 2000

  • What is it Keith? Recorded Berlin.
  • Working on solo guitar CD project.
  • Formed Surfing USSR, recording with this group December 1999.

1996 - 1998

  • Unco-operative member of Berlin squat club the Anorak.
  • Toured extensively throughout Germany, Holland, Italy and Slovenia, Belgium and Switzerland.


  • Recorded, produced and released CD Trust Only This Face.
  • National Tour promoting this CD played at City Gallery (Wellington), Artspace (Auckland), Govett-Brewster (New Plymouth), Left Bank Gallery (Greymouth).

1994 - 1996

  • Children's Duo called Such 'n' Such toured schools throughout New Zealand as part of Artists in Education Scheme Creative NZ. Recorded and released tape Call Such 'n' Such.
  • Music for Theater: Lies and Silence (State Trinity) Chch 1991, Holy Cow (Free Theatre) Chch 91 Aarghh (Bats) Wtgn 92
  • Music for Film: The Friendly Bird 1990 and Last Leg 1992 Joyce Palmer, Cyclic Deidre McKesser 1991. Recorded the music at Night Shift Studio in Christchurch.

1987 - 1992

  • Don't Make Noise improvisation group released You are Here and Don't Make Noise. Performed at Robert McDougall Art Gallery (Chch) and Band Rotunda and Cramner Square.
  • One Leg Too Short new music released Like the Highest Number Only Better.
  • Guitarist with Breathing Cage with Jay Clarkson, released Misericord and The Old Hill.

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