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Our Church and a portion of one of our new stained glass windows

St Peter's in The Forest

Bombay N.Z

Our Cemetery

Kia Ora

Our Church cemetery was first used over 130 years ago and is the burial place of many of our first Settlers, who came here in the Sailing ship "Bombay".

There are three parts,

The Rev Linda Braid has updated the chart of the plots and has filled in many of the missing names.

In the Church Porch is the new chart, come and have a look at it.

Communion Services 8.00 am most Sundays; 11.00 2nd Sundays

Details of our The hymns We sing are available on a separate page.

1 st Sunday after Easter 6/4/97

Christ our Victory

Entrance: Thine be the Glory: WOV1_303.MID

Gradual: God has spoken through His prophets. WOV1_092.MID

Offertory: There is a green hill. WOV1_266.MID

Final: How great Thou art: WOV1_628.MID

The Tunes

Only the Basic Midi files are here, 'cause I like to select the patches manually on the keyboard, maybe changing them for each verse!

This page is currently under construction

Has anybody any suggestions?

Have you visited Pierre's site? It's one of my favourites!

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