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Hi, my name's Ava Nicole Bullen, wanna hear a funny story. My mum had a dream on Friday night that I was going to be born soon! Dad didn't buy it so he got up and fixed the lawn mower, well, tried to anyway. He shouldn't be so cheap, and buy a new one. Mum washed my nappies and then we went down town to buy me a bath. I didn't feel much like a bath, I was pretty warm and happy! I couldn't see much but then we all went shopping, mum thought she should buy some drinks and snacks for when she went into the hospital. That was a good idea because while dad was cooking tea, I was getting a bit bored, we had been watching a sports program on TV all day,
It was a long program called 'Oh no not 4th again! I was sick of it and at about 5.00 o'clock I tried to get out to try out my new bath!  Mum didn't like that much but by the time tea was ready so was I!  Dad ate his dinner but mum didn't seem to like hers much so it had to go in the big green bin! We went for a drive in the car and at 8.54 on Saturday I got to see what everyone looked like! You can see me too on my picture page!

Here's the spec's - I was 6lb 10, one week early, 52 cm long, looking fairly tall at this stage, fairly average amount of dark hair, hopefully mums nose! I've had a bath now and look heaps better, I like to sleep!

Hi everyone!


Well I went for another ride in the car today, and now I'm sleeping at home. I still like to sleep!

I like it here, I still only really sleep though. There's not much us babies can do yet.

Hi to my Aunties, Michelle, Serena and Ari, I can't wait to meet you guys!!!  I got my picture in the paper today but Dad has been slack and only put my birth notice in yesterday so it won't be in the paper until Friday, Bummer. He did get my video page working again so you can see me in there too! - He's also going to take some new photos and put them up soon. So keep checking up on me, Ski Ya!

I've just updated my video page, my two best tricks so far are sneezing and the hiccups! I've put on some weight, I'm 7lb 1 now, I eat lots and keep mum up till late but I usually sleep from about midnight until about 7.00, I've been for a few walks in my pushchair, it's quite bumpy but I like that.


Well, I'm one month old now, I've been for a ride to the lake in the car, and I've been down town a few times. I have lots of new clothes from my aunties and uncles and from my Grandparents. I think I've worn most things that fit me and i have heaps to grow into. I eat lots and now I weigh 7.14 !

Well, now I weigh 10.3, that was last week anyway! I'm sure I've  grown more now though coz I eat heaps! I wrote mummy a nice poem for mothers day, dad had to help because I don't know enough words yet. I'm sorry I havn't updated my website for ages, but we've been busy. We went out to dinner on Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Cochranes and mum and me went out for lunch yesterday at another babies house. He was noisey! We go for lots of walks and I mainly sleep when when we go out walking. I met Uncle Mark on Sunday, he's going to make me some little water ski's, can't wait!


Sorry I haven't updated for a while, dad's been working on our family tree, its huge now, over 800 people!!! Last week I weighed in at 11 lb6 which is pretty big. I sleep about 10 or 11 hours at night now, that's a long time for my size. But i'm getting bigger so I need to sleep more, mum likes that too. I got some new clothes from our friends Gav and Adele in Christchurch, thanks guys, cant wait to meet you. I went grocery shopping to the supermarket with mum and dad last week, it was my first time. I didn't buy anything, I just watched to make sure they didn't leave me! It was a big supermarket! I have two bottles a day now as well as mums food, and I have a big sleep after my bottles which gives mum time to do her stuff. Stoli doesn't run away from me any more like she used to, but I'll be able to chase her around soon, that will be fun eh! Dad is going to Rotorua this weekend to play ultimate, I'm staying here with mummy. We walk into town when it's not raining, so not much lately, can't wait for summer. Dad's taken my video page down, it takes up too much room, so now I have more photo's, go check them out!!!


Well, dad has finally got his book finished and has put up a small webpage to help publicize it, you can get there from here or the homepage. I am in bed at the moment, I'm not that keen on sleeping anymore, I did that for 9 months and now I want to do stuff!! We went for a ride to the beach this morning, but I slept through that. I sleep all night though, after I have my tea at 7.00 O'clock, i go to bed until dad gets me up at about 7.15 in the morning. There are some new pictures of me now.


Well, dad's been a bit slack in updating my site! He's been busy finishing his book! But now that's done he's back on deck. It's nearly summer so i've been trying on my life jacket and getting the boat sorted out for some summer fun. You can see me on my pics page. Today was fathers day so I gave dad a lotto ticket and he won $34. He should obey the 10% rule and put 10% in my piggy bank eh! I think we might go camping at labour weekend if anyone else wants to come, let us know!


Well, here we are again, the book's been selling well but there's a lot of mustaakes so Grandpa is editing it now befive the noxt editin. The NZ Herald is going to send a reporter to interview dad about it and 1xx are doing a live radio interview with some give aways. Whitcoulls NZ are looking at stocking it now so that will be good if they do! I got some sunglasses on Tuesday, we went to Tauranga and went shopping at the Baby Factory. I think we are going out in the boat this weekend so I got a sunhat as well. We are going camping at Labour weekend if anyone wants to come, the more the merrier! We are going to Lake Rotoma. I'm putting some new photo's  up now, so go and check them out!


Well I'm off to Auckland again. Mum and Granny are going to help Auntie Ari with her wedding plans so I have to go too.
Whitcoulls have decided to sell dad's book, so that's good news! I've had a cold, mum gave it to me, but I gave it to dad so that's fair! He didn't seem to mind as he's having a day off work today. Can't wait to go camping at Labour weekend, we've only heard from Anton's family so far, who are coming with us. Hope the weathers good!!!


Hi there!, well, we had a great weekend at Rotoma with Anton and Erika and Sophie, Aaron, Louisa and Sinead, hope we spelt that right! It rained a bit, but we stayed dry and I slept all through the night in the tent. We went out in the boat and Aaron and Sophie skied. Dad had to help Grandad paint the roof at the bach two weeks ago, so we spent that weekend there. Man I've been getting around a bit eh! Mum had to give me a bath in a fish bin. This weekend has been wet so we haven't done much. Dad's book is now selling at Whitcoulls, Bennets and Paper Plus stores, so he's pretty happy about that. Mum has taught me the names of most of my toys and I can pick out the one she asks for, I can roll over on my own too now, but only if I want to! I went for a swim in Grandma's pool yesterday, It was cold!.


Hi, we have playing around making a DVD of my first swim and some other stuff, so dad has put up a small video of me on my picture page. We went to the pool last weekend and today, it is warmer than Grandma's pool  Dad has 3 more Paper Plus shops selling his book now so that's good! and mum put up a tree in our house yesterday with lights on it! I can't wait to see Aunty Michelle and my Great Gran at Christmas time!


Well it's been one busy week. Dad had to fly on a plane to Auckland on Monday to be on a TV show to talk about his book. But that story about the boy being bitten by the shark was more important. Then on Tuesday the other story about the shark attack was also more important! but on Wednesday dad talked to John Campbell on TV3 and they showed pictures of his book on the Tele! I had a busy week with mum, she has nearly taught me to crawl, I can go backwards but not forward. I think in the next few days I will learn forward crawling! It is getting quite hot now so at night I kick off all my blankets and sleep uncovered, sometimes all night but sometimes I get a bit  cold and wake up. Dads birthday was yesterday, he had lots of presents to open, I helped him in the morning while I had my bottle, then mum bought a nice chocolate cake from the supermarket and we told dad that she made it. We went out to Warren and Megan and Lucas and Aiden's for tea on Thursday night, we haven't been there for a while, so that was nice. I can't wait to see my Auntie Michelle next week and my Great Gran too! and then I will have my first Christmas, I don't really know what that's all about but I'm sure it will be fun. I hope you all have a nice Holiday and very merry Christmas and I hope I see some of you during the break, see ya's!


Well Christmas was fun, I got given lots of paper and boxes with new toys inside! We went to Granny and Grandads at lunch time and Grandma and Grandpas for tea. I had a big day and I was very tired when we went home. And when I got up  on Boxing Day I had figured out how to crawl! I guess I was dreaming about it last night because when I was on the floor, I just took off and went! Dad has put it on my Pic's page (Hopefully) We also went out to Aiden and Lucas's house and I gave them a present each, and they gave me more toys! I like Christmas, I can't wait to blow up my new pool!


Well, been a bit slack eh! sorry guys, here is the first update for 2007, We have been busy, we went up to Auckland for Anekin's first birthday party, it was the first time I had been to a birthday so that was cool!. I also had my first stay in a motel and we visited Anton and Erika and Aaron, Louisa and Sophie too. This weekend we went to stay at the bach at Lake Rotoiti, we went fishing a couple of times, and skiing as well. We went to Lake Okataina on Sunday and on Monday we walked the Hongi's Track all the way to Lake Rotoehu. I had a ride on a horse that was eating the grass next door to the bach, there's a video on my pics page, just for you Aunty Michelle! We came home yesterday afternoon and I think Uncle Simon and Aunty Nik and Anekin are staying at Grandma and Grandpas so we will and visit them soon. I might have a swim in their pool, I love the water. Can't wait to see my Aunty Serena, I hear you will be visiting us soon!


 Hi there, check out my pic's page if you want to see my new trick! I'm much better at it now than  when dad took the video, but it'll give you an idea of how fast i'm growing!


 Hi, sorry it's been so long! We have been busy, I turned 1 on the 25th of March, can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year now!
We had a party  for my birthday, lots of people came to celebrate and they brought presents for me too. Mum and Dad made a birthday cake that looked like a 1, there are some photo's on my pic's page. Then last weekend we went to Auckland to see Aunty Ari get married to James, it was fun, I met all their friends, I think I was a real crowd pleaser, everyone loved to talk to me and I had a blue dress that Granny made. Aunty Ari looked nice too, and Aunty Serena was there as well. I ate lots of things and had a sleep in my stroller during the speeches. We stayed at a Lodge called Glenn Olive and there were horses and cows, I met a horse called Fanta who was doing dressage in the private arena. Aunty Michelle, you would have loved it! We went to Grannies last night for dinner to wish Serena a happy birthday, she's going back to England this week, can't wait to see you again. Dad's going to try to put another video up now, so go and check it out!


Well, it certainly has been a long time coming, been pretty busy though, We hope you enjoy the new photo's. Have just got home from the Bird Walk, Dad carries me in my back pack, but I walk some of it. Then we went out to K Mart to buy some new shoes, my feet keep getting bigger. Dad has put his Campbell Live interview on YouTube, so you can have a look if you didn't see it and want to now. I can make noises from, horses, cows, cats and dogs, mice, ducks and snakes and some other animals, I'm pretty clever, and I can do a rolly polly, dad will try to video one and put it up later.  Maybe he could video me doing my noises and put that up too! Hi to Aunty Michelle and Aunty Serena, I miss you guys heaps and can't wait to see you again! and HI to everyone else I haven't seen for a while :-)


We had a great weekend, we went to the Spring Show, and I got to pat the sheep, goats, cows and a miniature pony! I put the balls in the mouth of the clown and won a toy phone. This morning we went to the park and I fed the ducks, then we had a swing and a slide. After that we went to Grandma and Grandpa's and had lunch. There is a small video on my picture page, and the whole version is
on YouTube -


We went to the campground at Lake Rotoma for Labour Weekend again! Anton and Erika and Sophie and Aaron came too, as well as a friend of theirs, Adrian and his kids, Jamie Lee, Tina and Sassy, It snowed. Dad said it was a frost, but it looks like snow to me!, theres a picture of it on our boat on the Pic's page, as well as a new video of me in the lake!


Mum and Dad took me waterskiing today! I only went in the biscuit, but it was fun, I went for two rides and Sooty videoed me on my second ride! So its up on the Pic's page. I dont know if it wore me out or if I was a bit bored because Mum was driving a bit slow, but I fell asleep in the boat afterwards! Hopefully they will go a bit faster next time!

It's getting close to Christmas, I can't to see all my friends and Aunty Michelle, and Ari and James, and my Great Gran too!


We went to the beach this morning, i had a paddle and then we had an icecream. I'm getting better at eating them now! Then we went to Grandma's and had a swim in their pool. I'm having a sleep now, so dad can update the website. Hopefully the new video will fit!



I can't believe this is the first update for the year. We have been really busy, dad has been doing 9-10 hour days right through the summer in his new job, but he seems to like it and we get lot's of fish to eat now! I turned two last month, we had a party and I got lots of presents. Mum and Dad also bought me swing for outside. I swing lots! I'm going to have a brother or a sister soon, well, closer to the end of the year, but that should good, someone else to boss around. I can spell a lot of the words in my books, Dad will try to put a video on my pic's page. He has just put on some new pictures, so go and have a look. I go to school now, well, pre school, I go two times a week, but it's school holidays now so I don't get to go for a while. I really like it, and spend 4 hours a day there.  I have lots of new friends and love to play outside. Dad took me jetskiing a couple of weeks ago, but mum still won't let me go on the water ski's, maybe next year!



I went to the Zoo in Auckland last weekend with mum and dad, and Aunty Ari and Uncle James. I fed Kay the Giraffe. Unfortunately, Kay died today, so we thought we should put up the video mum took. We had a great time, I saw monkey's, a Sea Lion, Tigers, Otters, Kangaroo's and lots of other animals. We stayed at Ari and James's. It was a long drive, but I had a fun weekend. We went to visit Mark too and he piled up all his leaves with the rake. I jumped in and spread them all around again!



so here we are... Michelle gave birth to Cole Andrew on the 18th of this month. He weighed in at 7 pound 2oz, a bit heavier and a centimetre taller than his sister, but a quick birth nonetheless. He is named in memory of Matt's brother, Andrew Christopher whose journey in life was not to be. He is a  very happy contented baby who is now asleep. Michelle is fine and came home on Sunday morning. Matt's fine, a bit of cramp from having to stand for 2-3 hours at the 'safe end' of the bed, but OK now! Ava's given her approval, and loves giving hugs to little bro. I will try to be a bit more vigilant in keeping you up to date, especially all the aunties who are out of town!


* * * * *


I apologize for the lack of recent updates, as you can probably all guess, having two little ones in the house is a lot of hard work. And I'm busy too! Cole is growing fast, as the pic's will testify, he looks like he's going to be tall. Ava is learning stuff every day and her confidence is becoming alarming! she will have a go at anything and eats everything we put in front of her, she tried crayfish for the first time today, not too fussed, but she ate it. She loves shrimps and mussels so i have to share my treats now! Preschool is going well, she loves going and seems to just love being away from home. Cole is very strong, we think he will be an early walker, loves standing on his feet. Michelle's good, a bit tired but she's really doing a great job, and it shows in the kids! We are heading to the bach next week for a few days away. Although Cole has already had a good trip away when we went to Grans 90th in Levin, he traveled well, slept most of the way and was great in a noisey motel! He is a good eater and sleeper, does 10.5 hours most nights, and will be in the cot soon. I will try to be a bit better at updates from now on, hope everyone is well wherever you are!

* * * * *



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